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this  is  what i have been creating yesterday and today. no painting & drawing as my right wrist is acting up again.. fortunately photo-editing i can do with my left hand only! 31 more words

September 30, 1861: On the Bedpost Overnight

Born in Philadelphia in 1861, William Wrigley, Jr. became one of the foremost chewing gum industrialists in the world (just how many chewing gum industrialists are there in the world, you ask). 311 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

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On Three

My youngest grandchild, Lee, turned three this week. He’s a funny little kid. He keeps his own counsel, although he is always clear about what he wants.  456 more words


Marie-Pierre's Apricot Cake - THE Perfect Cake for Juicy Fruits !

This cake has its little story … Marie-Pierre is the sweetest & most caring person I have ever met. We both have the same passion for baking (and for ice cream… ) & never missed an opportunity to share recipes. 291 more words


Loooooooooook what I got my hands on :O:O:O - Juicy Fruit Passionfruit Catsuit!!!


I finally got my hand on thissss!!!
It is a sample piece! But its better than nothing :D in perfect condition (but for the tags being snipped) 31 more words

Black Milk