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  • Bjj- an hour drilling a tight armbar setup
  • No gi- 6 x5 minute rounds. Only 4 of us in the class and every round was tough!
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children who harass adults

jujitsu: a lower belt should not invite a higher belt to spare or roll. Analogous, children should not target and invite an adult into the child’s sphere of influence. 71 more words

NAGA- my first comp

The time had arrived for my first grappling comp. Because of the combat grading being so close I haven’t been able to give the grappling my full attention for a while but I still felt confident and decently prepared to enter the first timers category. 315 more words

7.4.19- NAGA prep

Tues-AM session with mitch looking at the von flu choke from a failed takedown, head and arm choke. Set up for the ezikiel from mountThurs-BJJ- worked scarf escapesNo Gi- drilled escapes from ankle lock and knee bar then went into some rounds. 136 more words

JuJitsu & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I am usually reluctant when I’m asked about my gym activities.
It’s not just that I’m generally a reserved person, it’s that saying “I do Martial Arts” is not enough… people… 712 more words


31.3.19- big mile stone!!


  • an hour drilling the Blue belt with Jay and Jem. Final session!


  • Finally passed our blue belt combat grading! 2 years and 3 months work and we’ve finally got there.
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