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Magical Pantry: Protective Salt

September 30 is the New Moon; it’s a fine time to brew up some protective salt to ward your domicile.

Why would you want to do this? 439 more words

Everyday Priestess

we treat & cure incurable diseases like HIV/AIDS, Stroke, Diabetics, Hepatitis, infertility, kidney problems, heart disease of any kind, fibroid of any kind, TB, Asthma, breast/penis enlargement or reduction without surgery


Greetings to all you seekers of permanent solutions to your problems, worries, sorrows and pains. Whether personal, medical, psychological, physical, metaphysical, professional or spiritual.  Your search for solution to your problems ends now. 341 more words

Specials - Song der Woche

Das heutige Special ist der Song der Woche. Ich habe diesen gewählt, da er lustig ist.

Die Rede ist von “Ich bin schwarz” von SXTN. Auf dem Track ist allerdings nur Nura zu hören. 162 more words

Empath Life: For Better, or Worse, or Both

So apparently after my last post about empathy, and how it affects all of us who are blessed with it for better or worse or both, I inadvertently signaled the universe that I’d like to explore the topic in more depth. 361 more words