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The (Main) Problem with Jukebox Musicals

In recent years, jukebox musicals have become increasingly popular.  A jukebox musical is a musical that uses previously released songs, oftentimes by the same artist or group.   187 more words


George Lucas' Next Movie, 'Strange Magic,' Arrives In January

George Lucas has not had a lot of luck with straight fantasy. Willow is somewhat fondly remembered, but it says something that the arcade game was better than the movie. 181 more words


The Marlowe meets...Ben Elton (writer of Tonight's The Night)

Ben Elton is the protean talent whose career has spanned plays, novels, and a feature film, in addition to 30 years as one of the most successful comic writers and performers on the British television and stand-up circuit. 1,409 more words

The Marlowe Theatre

Movies I Don't Want to Watch: 'Jersey Boys'

As an exercise in expanding one’s horizons and challenging one’s preconceived notions, we have begun to see movies that we definitely would not normally see due to our own prejudices, valid or not.  1,414 more words

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Best of Both Worlds – When Rock Music and Musicals Meet

By: Alexandra Watts



For my high school (and middle school years), I was a student at a performing arts school.

How was it? Well, while it is not my nature to compare any of my experiences to those found in television and movies, my high school years were much like “Glee.” It was a “normal” school, but the artsy archetypes (let’s call them “art-che-types”) were an ever present part of our environment. 956 more words


You've Got Hate, Mate

Part of the torture being in the “public eye” (and I use that term loosely) … is responding or not responding to feedback. I choose to respond. 1,205 more words


Easter Parade

It’s finally here, just in time for the last day of January – our last installment for this month’s Holiday Review Revue: Easter Parade. It may be our fourth movie, but it’s the second Judy Garland musical that we’ve looked at. 2,011 more words

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