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Sunny day shorts by Oliver+S

Shopping for kids today sometimes is a nightmare.  I love some of the stores like Old Navy, Gap and even Target. But I don’t want my little to wear the exact same things as all of her friends. 190 more words


Quilted beginning of something .. a few weeks of creation and a show of textile artistry.

I haven’t decided what it’s going to be yet!

I just discovered this draft blog post from a while ago – I was ‘cleaning’ up things on my laptop – I can’t believe I missed posting this.   404 more words

One Word Wednesday………….

Progress FYI Note: This piece is a combination of 2 vintage pieces: a smaller scalloped edged eyelet piece (with coral fabric beneath) atop a plain centered Battenberg lace edged piece.

Continued vintage progress on 2 ………..

Pretty little pieces. The first is now ready for a border and maybe a little bling…………………. (link to post showing previous status….)…. and little piece number 2 which has a ways to go before I will call it ‘done’…….. 64 more words

A wee bit of Saturday stitchin’………..

Hmmmm……I think that “wee” part was a leftover from yesterday’s St. Paddy’s Day!!!! A breezy sunny 84F day here in the Rio Grande Valley and I’m INdoors enjoying some vintage stitching……………. 41 more words

Once again, it’s (fun) Stitchin’ Saturday!!!!………..

The morning was time enough to take care of the ‘must-do’ tasks which left the afternoon fa-reee!!!!!! Ms Texas Juki and I and a lovely little vintage linen piece. 151 more words

First Unsupervised Project

A few days ago, I started and completed my first unsupervised project. It was another ‘envelope’ back cushion and the results were not too shabby. I could easily pick apart (pun intended) my project and be really hard on myself, but I will resist the temptation to do so. 251 more words