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Using your Cookbooks!

I thought I would start this post out by sharing one of my favorite recipes. I call it Chris’s Favorite Pasta. Here is what you will need to make it: 839 more words

Let's Do Something Together!

For the Love in Food

A month ago I had a group of bakers staying with me for a baking weekend, in which they all tried out different recipes and were taking notes of each others comments. 469 more words


Chocolate Chip Christmas

We have a lot of Christmas traditions in my family. While he was alive, my Dad was bent on creating habits of events, foods, and gifts that would be passed on to future generations. 467 more words

Food & Drink

The Cake That Wooed a Husband

I met my husband at my own birthday party on New Year’s Eve.  His sister is an old friend of mine and she dragged him out on the promise that he was getting set up with someone at a NYE party…..this someone was not me, they were merely stopping by “a friend’s birthday party” on the way to the bigger NYE party.   740 more words


It’s fall and the sugar pumpkins are just calling out – buy me, buy me. I have and have made some delicious soup!!
1 serving size=1 cup=49 calories=245% of the daily recommendation of vitamin A=19% of the daily recommendation of vitamin C… 244 more words

Lovely Julia Recollections and Recipes from Silver Palate Co-author, Julee Rosso

This week as I was checking whether my Turban of Sole post was showing up on Google, I came across this wonderful piece by Julee Rosso.  173 more words


Recipe--Fruit Stuffed Pork Loin--February Food

 November, December, and the first of January are holiday food months.  Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, we ate plenty of turkey and ham.  January brought out the pot roasts, beef stews, and chowders.  1,036 more words