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Batman... by Julia Donaldson

One of my son’s favourite books is Stickman, by Julia Donaldson; one of his favourite superheroes is Batman. In an attempt to be efficient, I have combined the two… enjoy. 444 more words


I LOVE reading young children's books!

A few days ago I spent a glorious hour in my local bookshop talking about books for the under 7’s with the very knowledgeable Kirsty who is in charge of the children’s section. 400 more words

Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson and Emily Gravett

This book was a present and has been the greatest of gifts in that it was Harry’s first ever bedtime book, and remains my favourite book to read to him. 103 more words

Bedtime Story

"The paper dolls" by Julia Donaldson, very sweet story!

We read “The paper dolls” by Julia Donaldson in the library. It is a lovely sweet story of a little girl who made paper dolls, she gives each doll a name. 94 more words

Great Reads

Kids Nook Reads: Cave Baby

When my mom was a little girl, her slightly taller twin sister would get down on her knees and color on the wall. Of course since it was right at my mom’s eye level she would always be the one getting in trouble. 186 more words

Kids Nook

A Chiswick Five Mins with... Booktime Babies

These features are the favourite thing about my blog. I love hearing about what makes people tick – their routines, their passions and their daily life. 345 more words



Venture blithely into the deep dark wood

By Kim Edwards

The National Theatre was abuzz this week with excited pre-schoolers and little primary students eager to see one of their favourite picture books leap from page to stage. 406 more words

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