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Making hot chocolate like a boss

If last year has taught me one thing, it’s that life is too short not to take chances. As I held a jar of peanut butter in one hand, and a tub of hot chocolate in the other earlier today, a crazy idea shot through my mind. 248 more words

Public Interest

Irrefutable Law of Success #3---We Learn By Doing

Theory is great, but it may or may not jive with reality. My goal as a blogger, author, teacher is to equip you guys for success from all angles—craft, brand/platform, and business. 1,394 more words


Dear Julia

I think you can tell what’s coming, but we’ve got a little bit to talk about first.

First, if you go here and watch a short video (about a minute and a half) and then fill out a form you can get a free sample of Tresemme’s new Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner. 1,056 more words

Meryl Streep – The Shapeshifter

I admire many actors. There are method actors like Brando and intuitive like Olivier. Magnetic stars like Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. Character actors that own every scene like Judi Dench, Morgan Freeman, and Ian McKellen. 393 more words


Cream Chocolates: Take Two

I attempted making the candy again tonight after we watched Big Brother, which was a really good episode by the way. This experience changed my mind about candy making… it’s not quite as impossible as I thought. 656 more words


Random Highs and a Little Low

After a jam-packed evening, I hopped into bed around 11:00 last night. I’d taken a 3-hour nap earlier in the day so sleep came slowly. As my husband drifted off immediately, I had ample opportunity to reflect upon the day. 150 more words

Julie & Julia by Julie Powell

You know what the thing is? I should really cut the bitching about all the work I have to do. Because it IS a lot of work, I DO always have SOMETHING waiting to be done, and EVERY bit of it is a drag, but I still have hours to sit and read and, today, cook. 1,357 more words