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Throwback Thursday Film Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

I hadn’t seen the entire Star Wars franchise until very recently at the age of 21. . So every Thursday I will be taking a look back at one movie I have never seen before or one that I’ve recently rewatched. 904 more words


Chained (2012)

A nasty and uncomfortable viewing experience but intentionally so. Chained has a pair of terrific performances for such a low-rent genre flick: Vincent D’Onofrio is suitably vile as the serial rapist and murderer Bob, and Eamon Farren is equally effective as Rabbit, the teenage boy he kidnaps to assist him in the crimes. 276 more words


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Plot: Benjamin Button ages in reverse. Born as an elderly dad, his mother dies in childbirth and his father drops him on the doorstep of a nursing home. 415 more words


E is for Witches of East End

E is for Witches of the East End

Reviewed by Kerry E.B. Black

Lifetime produced a series loosely based on Melissa de la Cruz’s bestselling book by the same name. 409 more words

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Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz

Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz
Book Review and Pilot episode of TV series review.

It’s the beginning of summer in North Hampton, and beautiful Freya Beauchamp is celebrating her engagement to wealthy Bran Gardiner, the heir to Fair Haven and Gardiners Island.

1,496 more words
Book Reviews

New Adventures in Hi-Fi

I’ve often wished after watching a great film or reading a great book that I could wipe my memory and enjoy it with fresh eyes… 578 more words

Julia Ormond Joins Peter Dinklage In 'Rememory'

EXCLUSIVE: Julia Ormond is confirmed to co-star opposite Peter Dinklage in Rememory. The Mark Palansky helmed pic revolves around a professor who mysteriously dies just before the release his game changing big invention. 193 more words