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Nature is speaking

Can we people seriously assert our intelligence when we are well into the 2000s still think the world revolves around our ego-axis and not around the planet? 511 more words

What Ever


Goddamn, man. I miss Robin Williams. I’ve never missed a dead celebrity before but after seeing this movie, I really feel bummed that we won’t get any more of his brain. 608 more words


Ocean's Eleven Review

Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) put together a team of con-artists to rob three of the largest casinos on the Las Vegas strip simultaneously. 601 more words


Objets d'art

Objets d’art

Our marriage reception party was superb. Good food, drinks and dancing. We received numerous gifts. We left for our honeymoon to Thailand. It was a lovely week exploring Bangkok and Phuket. 1,817 more words


Opinion: Have romcoms lost their spark?

25 years ago, in March 1990, one of the most popular and successful romcoms hit screens across the world, taking in over $11m domestically during its opening weekend and a worldwide lifetime gross of just under $465m. 564 more words

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3)Same A+ actress from #1.This time the costar is a foreign born A-/B+ list actor who is talented and also married, as well. They costarred in a film years ago that did well, but off screen, they did even better,”Hot and heavy” are words I have heard described. 24 more words

Fresh Press

Erin Brockovich Writer: Success Doesn't Make You Better

Hollywood, I’ve found, is a very interesting town.

The best description I’ve ever heard of it was said by Martin Mull, who said, “Hollywood is like high school with money.” 2,629 more words