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Must Watch - Wonder

I don’t go to the movies often, but sometimes but I come across a movie trailer that convinces me to go and I fully immerse into the whole going to the theatre concept. 103 more words


A Look Back: Erin Brockovich

Movies are wonderful things because they teach us truths about big important issues like war, illness and our place in the universe. Sometimes they also teach us truths about more petty things, such as wardrobes. 597 more words

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From Page to Screen

Bringing a book to the silver screen is no doubt a daunting task. We in the audience have experienced the disappointing results when the transfer doesn’t work and the cheers when it does. 178 more words

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Episode #215: It's a Wonder

Adaptation discusses the film Wonder (2017), how the character perspectives were translated to screen, and externalizing Auggie’s internal monologues through Star Wars characters. 88 more words


007 Movie: Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory is a 1997, action thriller movie, starring Mel Gibson (Jerry), and Julia Roberts (Alison). The story revolves around Jerry, an eccentric NYC taxi driver and his lawyer friend (later love interest) Alison, as they uncover the truth behind Jerry’s Identity and death of Alison’s father. 142 more words



I didn’t manage to see this film at the end of last year but it’s currently being shown at select cinemas and I’m really glad I finally got around to seeing it! 908 more words

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Wonder - A Heartwarming Story

Released November 17th, 2017.

If you love a tear-jerker this is the film for you…


Wonder is based on a New York Time’s best seller written by¬† 537 more words