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How to Change a Mind (Including Your Own)

I was confronted by the following meme about a dozen times last week in my various social media feeds. I think it’s fascinating. It is perfectly suited for internet virality: relevant to the cultural moment, appealing to a broad audience, and justifying of all pre-existing beliefs without challenging them in any way. 1,174 more words

Your Self Is Not Permanent

We all believe in what we call our ‘real self’, the one that stays with us notwithstanding changes we experience throughout life. We find comfort in the idea that our true self is a permanent thing and is always there for us to offer stability in life’s unstable and chaotic order of things. 452 more words

Ideas Worth Spreading

Is there a real you?

Is there a real you?

Wise people fashion themselves

This might seem to you like a very odd question. Because, you might ask, how do we find the real you, how do you know what the real you is? 2,163 more words


Julian Baggini: Is there a real you? - [TED Talks]

What makes you, you? Is it how you think of yourself, how others think of you, or something else entirely? In this talk, Julian Baggini…

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Teaser Tuesday: Breakfast with Socrates

Like the Tardis in the time vortex, the Wheel of Time has come ’round to Teaser Tuesday. 454 more words

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday: The Long Cosmos

Like your number being called in the local deli, the Wheel of Time has come ’round to Teaser Tuesday. 595 more words

Teaser Tuesday