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Ego Trick: What does it mean to be you?

Ego Trick: In Search of the Self by Julian Baggini

(Alternate Title: Ego Trick: In search of the self)

Synopsis: Are you still the person who lived fifteen, ten or five years ago? 220 more words


Truth & Revelation

“People’s interest in the truth is often a concern not with facts but with their meanings. The truth in a portrait, for example, is not necessarily a matter of realistic fidelity.

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Finding oneself - the coming-of-age con

An article by writer and historian Cody Delistraty entitled ‘The coming.of-age con’ is posted on-line.

Its basic assumption is that the popular trope or meme about ‘finding oneself’ has no basis in reality as there is no fixed ‘self’. 332 more words

Thought Experiments in Ethics

Fed up with diverting trolleys, pushing fat men off bridges or killing one hostage to save twenty? Not sure whether you are prepared to be medically hooked up to a famous violinist for nine months, or whether that pig really does want to be eaten? 88 more words


Giving Atheism a Bad Name

The New Atheism’s vigorous and uncompromising assertion of the rationality of its own beliefs and the irrationality of everyone else’s has caused many within the wider atheist community to cringe with embarrassment. 62 more words


To eat or not to eat...

First published Feb 2015

Like many of us, my relationship with food has fluctuated over my lifetime. After a struggle with breastfeeding I was, so I am reliably informed, fed with carnation milk. 554 more words


Meaning of Life: What's the point of it all?

Saying “What’s the meaning of life” is like asking, “What’s the meaning of cheese?” or “What grass is all about?” Is there really a serious answer to these, I often wonder. 

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