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Culture and the Death of God

By Terry Eagleton

Two or three centuries ago, most of the common people of Europe believed in God, while a small bunch of intellectuals were convinced this was a delusion. 1,382 more words

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Freedom Regained

Post compiled by Celia:

“FREEDOM REGAINED The Possibility of Free Will”  By Julian Baggini

Julian Baggini explores the concept of free will from every angle, blending philosophy, sociology and science to find new insights into the questions around freedom. 3,102 more words

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Minutes from Palace of Versailles: A 10 Bedroom Luxury Villa For Less Than 50 Dollars A Day?

Imagine you want to get married. You’ve always dreamed of having an intimate ceremony, a timeless keepsake that would endure the test of togetherness and time. 208 more words

We are neither authors nor slaves of ourselves; 18-May-2015

Today’s article is review of a book – Freedom Regained – by Julian Baggini. The idea of free will – that we are not controlled by external forces such as god or genes but we are free to choose our next reactions, our occupations, our wishes, and so on – has been floating around for a while now. 82 more words

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The terror of the infinite desert: atheists in the face of death

When I was in my teenage years, I called myself an atheist. In my twenties, although still professing atheism if anyone asked about religious beliefs, I modified my stance to agnosticism. 2,488 more words