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JULIAN OPIE: 2012 – 2015 │ Alan Cristea, London → 18 July 2015


“Ny idišnz bî Jūłn Ôpi alñsd ɖ most iṇvtv n xîtñ prints n animešnz h hz md in ɖ past ʈri yirz” 22 more words


ARTISTS IN THE FRAME: Self-portraits by Van Dyck and others │ Manchester Art Gallery → 31 August 2015


Anthony Van Dyck, Brian Griffin, Louise Jopling, Angelica Kauffman, Wyndham Lewis, Julian Opie

“Sr Anṭni Van Dîc’s last Slfpwtrit z wn v ɖ most rmācbl slfpwtrits evr pêntd in Britn…Đs z a ynīc oṗtyṇti t si slfpwtrits fṛm ɖ gaḷri’z c̣lẋn alñsd lounz fṛm ɖ Našnl Pwtrit Gaḷri n cntmprri ātists.” 61 more words


London: Julian Opie - Alan Cristea Gallery

The Alan Cristea Gallery  in London is currently showing new editions by Julian Opie alongside prints and animations,  produced in a variety of media.

Inspired by different views of the town and countryside, the London series present us with observations of the everyday life: figures of walking in the rain, tourists on the Southbank, passers-by at school gates and busy crowds of workers descending on the city. 114 more words


Julian Opie

Famous for his album artwork for Blur – Blur: The Best Of, Julian Opie has made his stand in a unique style of graphic design that simplifies the portrait to basic clean lines while retaining key distinguishable features of the people to remain recognisable. 351 more words

The Project

National Museum of Art -Osaka

Today I am in Osaka, Japan’s third largest city, and second most important.
Travel pages say the National Museum of Art is dedicated to contemporary artists from Japan and the U.S. 461 more words


Yesterday’s tutorial gave me the chance to discuss areas of my project in detail and future intentions. Also, I could express my concerns about study time management. 319 more words