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Julian Opie: Further expanding my knowledge of artists

Julian Opie is someone I was surprisingly familiar with, the style but not the person, I had seem Opie’s work in many places around the internet, I like the work but being the bad creative I am I didn’t do any research into who made the pieces . 87 more words

Artwork by Julian Opie

“Caterina dancing naked” by Julian Opie


Jeffrey Palladini

Another painter who has a similar approach to painting the figure is Julian Opie. Both of these artists do a great job at portraying emotions without painting the face. 118 more words

Christine swimming / Julian Opie

Acrylic, aluminium, vinyl and fluorescent light sculpture (74.2×206.9x 21cm), titled Christine swimming by London based artist Julian Opie.


Weekly Photo Challenge - Dance

This electronic artwork created by Julian Opie is always in motion.  Ann Dancing swings her hips from side to side on all four panels.  When I lived downtown, this was my beacon home. 10 more words


Two Faced

As a child, the textured wallpaper on my ceiling frightened me because I could see faces everywhere in it. This instinct to latch on to any shape which even vaguely suggests a face is fascinating. 2,191 more words