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Gallery run 3rd May

Julian Opie at Alan Cristea Gallery with the ubiquitous vinyl support now raised to the level of very good, high art.

Helen Frankenthaler at Victoria Miro. 132 more words

Sadie Coles

Artist of the moment.........Danu

Danu is a contemporary sculptor from France renown for his large works featuring the human figure and animals. Danu was born in Vence, Cote D’Azure, France in the year 1955. 134 more words

Artists of the moment............Chinese Art Collective Island6

Below a link to the website of the collective:


Island6 is one of the most innovative art collectives in the world. Its fun to see so many amazing artists come together to produce a single work of art. 232 more words

Exploring, viewing and chatting

Discovered a local department store. The jeans still weren’t right but I ordered what I need. It felt good to explore a bit, even after being here for two years. 45 more words

Task: Photoshop Paths Self Portrait

Task Brief

Technical exercise to strengthen ability working with the Pen Tool, Bezier Curves and the Paths Palette in Adobe Photoshop.

Looking at the style of portraits by Julian Opie, create a self portrait in Adobe Photoshop, using only the above mentioned tools. 749 more words


An art history of back to school

Ever since I published ‘An art history of school inspections’ a few years ago, studying the way that art has portrayed schools has been somewhat of a hobby of mine. 1,094 more words


Artist of the moment........Kota Ezawa

Kota Ezawa is a contemporary painter, illustrator, and filmmaker. Kota Ezawa was born in Colgone, Germany in the year 1969. Ezawa is renown for computer animated films loosely based on actual historical events. 179 more words