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Wild vs Urban

I create this piece using Illustrator. Each part was create individually and then pieced together. The tigers head was created in the style of Luke Dickson and the suit was created in the style of Julian Opie. 14 more words



For this piece I used Illustrator to freehand an out line using a reference image of Amy Winehouse. I then filled in the outline in the style of Julian Opie.


Julian Opie: Further expanding my knowledge of artists

Julian Opie is someone I was surprisingly familiar with, the style but not the person, I had seem Opie’s work in many places around the internet, I like the work but being the bad creative I am I didn’t do any research into who made the pieces . 87 more words

Artwork by Julian Opie

“Caterina dancing naked” by Julian Opie


Jeffrey Palladini

Another painter who has a similar approach to painting the figure is Julian Opie. Both of these artists do a great job at portraying emotions without painting the face. 118 more words

Christine swimming / Julian Opie

Acrylic, aluminium, vinyl and fluorescent light sculpture (74.2×206.9x 21cm), titled Christine swimming by London based artist Julian Opie.