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“Caterina dancing naked” by Julian Opie


Jeffrey Palladini

Another painter who has a similar approach to painting the figure is Julian Opie. Both of these artists do a great job at portraying emotions without painting the face. 118 more words

Christine swimming / Julian Opie

Acrylic, aluminium, vinyl and fluorescent light sculpture (74.2×206.9x 21cm), titled Christine swimming by London based artist Julian Opie.


Weekly Photo Challenge - Dance

This electronic artwork created by Julian Opie is always in motion.  Ann Dancing swings her hips from side to side on all four panels.  When I lived downtown, this was my beacon home. 10 more words


Two Faced

As a child, the textured wallpaper on my ceiling frightened me because I could see faces everywhere in it. This instinct to latch on to any shape which even vaguely suggests a face is fascinating. 2,191 more words


Gallery run 4th March

Woven Nordic landscape from Andreas Eriksson, two outdoor artworks from Lisson Gallery artists, figurative works by Jeff Koons, Steven Claydon and Chantal Joffe. Lastly a journey back to Bauhaus. 154 more words

Sadie Coles