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Catching Up On Cons: Supernatural Jacksonville 2017

I’m seriously behind on everything, including my con coverage for 2017. Between trying to finish up the new book (which I’m ridiculously excited about – have you pre-ordered your copy yet??? 4,465 more words


Supernatural Comes to the East Coast at NJCon – Friday and Saturday 2016

I guess you can tell that things have been busy around here – between family and holiday stuff and finishing up the new book, I didn’t manage to find time to write up my NJCon adventures until now. 3,233 more words


"The Witch"

“So much has been made of the authenticity…and of course that’s important to me, but authenticity for the sake of authenticity doesn’t really matter. To understand why the witch archetype was important and interesting and powerful—and how was I going to make that scary and alive again—we had to go back in time to the early modern period when the witch was a reality. 1,067 more words


The Last Sect (2006)

Journalist Sydney St. James is tasked to write a story that involves internet dating websites. One mysterious site called “Artemis” is on her agenda, and when she turns up for a scheduled interview Artemis’s boss Anna fascinates and unnerves her. 2,221 more words
Bargain Bin Rejects

Sunday at DallasCon – Jared, Jensen and Julian!

The hotel didn’t get any better on Sunday, but it was even harder to care when we had Jared and Jensen and Julian to entertain us, not to mention Rob and Rich. 2,441 more words


Supernatural Vancon 2016 – Friday and Saturday

I wrote an article on this year’s Vancouver Supernatural convention for MovieTVTechGeeks that you can check out over there (link at the end), but wanted to add my own more personal moments (and the 5,298 photos I couldn’t include in that article…). 2,451 more words

Misha Collins

Time traveling thriller ‘Prisoner X’ on UK DVD in October

Metrodome Distribution will release the Julian Richings starring time traveling film PRISONER X. The film follows a woman who sent to uncover the truth from a time traveling terrorist. 153 more words

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