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Greens online on oil and gas announcement

There's been a whole bunch of fear mongering from the opposition, arguing that the economy is going to fall over if we stop exploring for new oil and gas.

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Sorry, diversity score is too low, so no offence can be taken — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

When the minister for non-males Ms Julie Anne Genter made her pronouncement that it was time for old white men to move off corporate boards to make way for diversity, a number of Oilers fired off a complaint to the Human Rights Commission.

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Zero car target for zero road toll, or zero credibility?

Following her lost leadership bid Green minister Julie Anne Genter is still seeking attention, this time with announcement of a goal of zero road deaths ‘over the coming decade’. 1,008 more words


Greens go redder

If political parties had to adhere to the Trade Descriptions Act the Green Party would be called the Reds and they’ve just voted to go redder… 416 more words


Progressive Values

Mike Moreu – Stuff

Progressive – racist,sexist, ageist, but hey that’s all right because she’s Green and by definition self righteous and sanctimonious.

Greens return leftward, away from National

Green’s sole leader over the last eight months, James Shaw, is seen as relatively moderate, almost centrist-ish (in some ways at least). He is regarded as business friendly, not a particularly NZ green attribute. 931 more words


Marama Davidson - elected as Green Co-leader


Marama Davidson at the Auckland Pride Parade Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

Ms Davidson won the leadership contest with 110 delegate votes to fellow MP Julie Anne Genter’s 34 votes.

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