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Kansas Dismemberment abortion supporters dodge facts

Senate Bill 95, the “Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act,” was the topic of the Kansas House Federal State Affairs committee this morning. But… 631 more words

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Dismemberment abortion supporters redefine cruelty

The Kansas legislature has begun consideration of SB 95, the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act. This measure, the number one legislative priority of Kansans for Life, would ban abortions that “dismember” a living unborn child…one piece at a time…through the use of clamps, grasping forceps, tongs, scissors or similar instruments. 318 more words

Kansas Legislation

All 3 Kansas abortion clinics support Orman for Senate

Kansans are facing a a pivotal choice for the U.S. Senate: incumbent pro-life GOP Senator Pat Roberts versus pro-abortion multimillionaire Greg Orman.

Orman was unknown to Kansans before he bought over a million dollars in TV ads this summer denigrating Washington’s “gridlock” politics, and offering to end it. 404 more words

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“Tiller legacy” adherents wrong about Kansas law

Last Friday was the fifth anniversary of the slaying of George Tiller, notorious for performing late abortions up through the ninth month of pregnancy. There were a number of stories lauding Tiller. 983 more words

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Wichita, KS pro-life centers busier than abortion clinic

A short letter to the editor from an ordinary pro-life citizen has beautifully undermined a celebratory April 3 newspaper story that ran under the headline, “Wichita clinic says provided 1,200 abortions.” 655 more words

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Kansans recoil at Tiller-location abortion clinic

“Bleeding Kansas” was the moniker for our state during the mid-nineteenth century when guerrilla warfare raged between forces for and against slavery, until Kansas was accepted into the Union as a slave-free state in 1861.  441 more words