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Julie Christie in a light blue bikini

Julie Christie: Indian-born British actress, never appeared in a Bond movie.


Review: Far From the Madding Crowd- Bringing Back Bathsheba.

My relationship with Far From the Madding Crowd has always been one of admiration, particularly considering my general attitude towards period dramas, as they are usually a genre I tend to dismiss. 776 more words

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Review: HEAVEN CAN WAIT (1978)

By Darin Skaggs

The story to Heaven Can Wait is pretty interesting. Joe Pendleton (Warren Beatty), who is destined to be the great Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, destiny changes when an angel (Buck Henry) takes him from a may be car accident up to Heaven. 515 more words


Far From the Madding Crowd: Much Love, No Hap

Madame Bovary loves period movies: the costumes, the swelling musical scores, the big emotions. What may be more surprising is that she also loves to read, and enjoyed Thomas Hardy’s book “Far From the Madding Crowd” Plot: in 19th century Dorset, a headstrong young woman, Bathsheba Everdene (not to be confused with Hunger Games Katniss, though there are similarities) inherits a farm and is determined to run it herself. 355 more words

Far from the Madding Crowd Review

It’s impossible to avoid Tom Hardy. It’s wholly improbable that you’ve managed to survive the whole day without seeing his grizzled and chiselled face at some point. 951 more words

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#ThrowbackThursday: "Don't Look Now," 1973

Last week, “The Hollywood Reporter” reported that StudioCanal is remaking “Don’t Look Now,” the 1973 occult thriller starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. The movie follows a married couple (Sutherland and Christie) as they travel to Venice and meet with clairvoyants to try and connect with their recently deceased daughter. 75 more words


Watch: Kermode Uncut: Don't Do Don't Look Now

Mark Kermode pleads with all involved with the proposed remake of Don’t Look Now not to go ahead with it.

Mark Kermode