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Demon Seed (1977). Film review: 3 out of stars for this chilling but overdone thriller.

Film review, by Jason Day, Demon Seed, about an early form of artificial intelligence computer that forcibly impregnates a woman, played by Julie Christie. Directed by Donald Camell. 758 more words


Actors That Should Come Out of Retirement Part 6: Julie Christie

by Jason F. Koenigsberg

One of the more enigmatic careers of any actress in movie history, Julie Christie is sort of like the female Warren Beatty, although she is British and has formally announced her retirement on several occasions over the past four decades only to come back to acting. 567 more words


Actors That Should Come Out of Retirement Part 1: Sean Connery

by Jason F. Koenigsberg

Retirement can be a great thing. All people that work hard in their lives deserve to relax and put their feet up if they want to. 1,298 more words


April 14: Happy Birthday Julie Christie and John Gielgud

Julie Christie, who celebrates her 77th today, has won every major Best Actress honor (Oscar, Golden Globe, SAG Award, BAFTA Award) in the English-speaking world.  1,143 more words

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April 14 in history

43 BC  Battle of Forum Gallorum: Mark Antony, besieging Julius Caesar’s assassin Decimus Junius Brutus in Mutina, defeated the forces of the consul Pansa, who was killed. 797 more words


TV3's The Project - A Babyboomer lowers the boom

“TV3 have attempted to make current affairs for people who listen to the Edge, the problem is that generation doesn’t watch TV. So TV3 have alienated Gen X and Boomers who want actual current affairs at 7pm to gain a generational audience who don’t bother with the platform TV3 are using.” …

1,650 more words

McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971)

Dir. Robert Altman. Starring Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Rene Auberjonois

Many people have thought about McCabe & Mrs. Miller before I got here, and they each land on their own sense of what is most memorable and striking about the movie. 1,569 more words