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Blogger threatened with lawsuit over questions of conflict-of-interest regarding Mediaworks

The following story elicited a thinly veiled defamation threat by a senior Mediaworks boardmember.

Just when you thought Mediaworks couldn’t possibly dumb-down their television service any further; 2,403 more words


The Infinite Jukebox: The Kinks' Waterloo Sunset

Some songs are a product of their time, and some songs exist in an eternal present, untouched by the entropy of time. Some songs are both at the same time. 826 more words

Soundtrack Of A Lifetime

Seth Meyers, My Imaginary Television Friend

In this increasingly detached and impersonal world we live in we could all use a friend. The explosive growth of social media shows just how hungry for friendship we all are, though we sometimes have to pause and ask ourselves, how many Facebook friends does it take to change a light bulb? 1,633 more words

General Column

Classic Film Showcase: Doctor Zhivago

Set during the First World War, Doctor Zhivago tells the story of a Russian doctor and poet who falls in love with a political activist’s wife. 56 more words

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Far From The Madding Crowd - review

Bathsheba Everdeen is one sassy little miss. She may have a little bit of luck on her side managing to go from penniless niece to successful farm owner but she knows that at heart she is a lone wolf, she can’t be tamed and she don’t want no husband holding her back. 429 more words


Dame Judi Dench has posed naked with a lobster

Only Dame Judi Dench could pose naked with a lobster and still look classy.

The Oscar-winning actress and screen and legend has lent her nude support to a global campaign called Fishlove, which aims to raise awareness about marine conservation and persuade EU ministers to impose restrictions on deep-water fishing… 217 more words


Darling (1965)

Diana Scott (Julie Christie) is an internationally famous woman. From a young age, everyone who knew her could predict that she was going to make something of herself. 472 more words