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A Key Moment

Down in the hungry grasping greedy darkness,

Down to the hungry and urgent animal dark,

He was overwhelmed with the abyss of memories,

That he needed to unburden himself before the twilight… 205 more words


Broken Meaning

The night sounds were returning tentatively,
And blackness lay behind the moon and the stars,
The air carried a subtle new energy,
Of a ghost town endowed with haunted love… 132 more words

My Darkened Peace

The vague leaf shadows trembled in the darkened night,
The sky appeared to be plain as if dead,
The silvered moon had become a broadsword stiletto, 145 more words

Fleeting Fantasy

Her touch is a fleeting battling fantasy,
Colored by sinuous grace of free flowing love,
Filled with a delicious perfume of black roses,
With a hungry presence hovering from a naked branch, 137 more words

Wry Dry Day

She felt like her whole existence was drifting away just like time,
Grief had revisited and shaken the depth of her being,
Fun had eluded her and only left dark emptiness, 144 more words

Den of Perils

The ocean always brought camouflaged and eccentric thoughts,
It made her feel invisible from her very own shadow,
To the outside world she was fogged up by self-pity, 210 more words


Erring Elegance

The blades of light was golden or pellucid,
They penetrated through the branches and leaves,
And fell on her skin that seemed lithe graceful,
She sat under that old oak tree feeling plain and simple… 141 more words