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Caitlyn Jenner, Rose McGowan and my own Two Cents

I’m about to express a controversial opinion.

And because of that, I will first launch into a very detailed pre-amble.

I fully support Caitlyn Jenner’s right to transition to expressing herself as a female. 1,625 more words

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Batman 2.34 - The Catwoman Goeth

To be sure, this story is disjointed and a little odd, but we all ended up really enjoying it. I think some elements of the compromised production are still fumbles, most notably the bizarre maze in which Robin and a policewoman are trapped, and which was achieved on a budget of… well, practically nothing, and it shows. 366 more words


Batman 2.33 - The Sandman Cometh

To begin with this week, I’ve done you all a disservice by not mentioning another blogger who is writing about the ’60s Batman series. He goes by the handle “The Squonk” and he’s writing a new installment every Friday at Channel: Superhero. 433 more words


Batman 2.30 - The Bat's Kow Tow

Chad and Jeremy got to banter in part one, but this time, we get to hear parts of two of their songs. Catwoman has a voice eraser, and she zaps the duo’s voice before escaping. 311 more words


Batman 2.29 - The Cat's Meow

Hollywood used to have this remarkable habit of presenting TV episodes in which past-their-chart-peak musicians play alternative versions of themselves who are the biggest acts on the planet. 299 more words


Attractive Women

It’s all about having babies.  When we say a woman is attractive, we are not talking about her intellect or her social consciousness.  We mean, plain-and-simple, she displays the ability—and desire—to have babies, that she appears as if she would easily reproduce our genes along with favorable ones of her own that would contribute to their survival.  612 more words

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