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To be a good girl, or bad?

One of those series that I could enjoy the camp, kitsch nature of more, as I grew older, was Batman. Yes, I enjoyed it as an 8, to 10 year old child, but fine, it meant so much more, as I grew older, and got to understand the nuances of it, but anyway…Yes, sadly, my Batman is dead, Adam West, at the grand old age of 88. 275 more words

60's Pop

Tuesday TV Testimonials #4...

Batman (1966 – 1968)

Adam West who played the titular character in this self-referential and campy sixties show, died a few days ago at the age of 88, so what better way to honour him than with a brief write-up on a blog nobody reads? 243 more words


Catwoman Has Had More Costumes Over the Years Than You Probably Realize

In the comics, Batman recently proposed to Catwoman, and we have to wait several months to see if she says yes. Of course, if those two crazy kids go through it it will be Bruce Wayne marrying Selina Kyle, but in my head I’m picturing Batman walking down the aisle with Catwoman, both in full costume, with Batman possibly throwing on a bowtie and Catwoman possibly fitting a wedding dress over her catsuit. 230 more words


Adam West: 1928-2017

This comes as both quite a surprise and a shock to me; In my own mind, while Adam West was still alive, I thought that he would be very healthy and that he would live forever. 843 more words

Adam West

My version of Gotham City

Most people nowadays, when talk turns to Batman, think of the dark, brooding portrayals in movies, in recent times, but not me. For me, the one true Batman came from a camp, kitschy TV series from the 1960’s, portrayed by Adam West, who has sadly just departed this world, and not in a Batmobile either. 435 more words

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Sunday Services

In honor of Adam West’s passing, I thought it appropriate to focus today’s services on the hottest woman to ever grace the Batman TV series. None other than the Catwoman herself, … 226 more words

Sunday Services

Adam West - The 'Best Batman'?

In that long lost country that was 1966, a ten year old boy eagerly encouraged his Mum and Dad to stay at his Granny’s long enough for him to watch the first episode of the… 929 more words

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