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Batman 1.20 - Better Luck Next Time

Julie Newmar’s first story as Catwoman ends with she and Adam West sharing virtually no screen time. Looking ahead, I see that she’s in five of season two’s 29 stories, and all the oddball chemistry between the actors and fun flirtation between the characters can be found there. 166 more words


Batman 1.19 - The Purr-fect Crime

On March 17, 1966, audiences got their first look at Julie Newmar as Catwoman. Eleven days later, the same network, ABC, began airing The Avengers… 327 more words


OOTD: Newmar and Nighties

Hello everyone!

Now, I will admit straight out of the gate that I am not a major Batman fan. I don’t read Batman comics, haven’t seen any of the movies (except for ‘Batman and Robin’, but I’m not sure if that example’s entirely COOL *insert Arnold Schwarznegger laughing*) and I’ve only seen a fraction of the 1966 TV series. 399 more words


Batman 1.10 - A Death Worse Than Fate

To get the lingering question out of the way, yes, part two of this story was every bit as good as I hoped. It’s a great story. 726 more words


My So-Called Bat-Life

I was born in 1964. The same year that Batman went for a slightly new look. (Golden Age Batman had always had a simple black Bat insignia on his chest but as of Detective Comics #327 his insignia was surrounded by a yellow oval, suggesting the Bat signal.) Some of my first memories are of the Caped Crusader. 2,372 more words

Pilates Meets Yoga

Batman is right, Pilates and yoga are two very distinct disciplines. Piloga though is another matter, a unique fusion class which explores the similarities and differences between the two. 206 more words

DAY 147: My Living Doll

Series Run : 1964-1965

26 episodes

Network: CBS

Series Premise (as far as I can tell):

NASA Psychiatrist takes care of top-secret android that looks like a Swedish supermodel… 317 more words

365 Days