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Classic Comedy : Victoria Wood E01 - Mens Sana in Thingummy Doodah (Health Farm)

First broadcast on 16th November 1989. Victoria attends a health farm. Featuring Julie Walters, Lill Roughley, Liza Tarbuck, Meg Johnson, Anne Reid, Georgia Allen, Selina Cadell & Peter Martin

Three chords and a lie

The musical biopic genre is one of the most tried and true in Hollywood, and continually one of the most stale and cliche-riddled. Each of these films follows a formula, beginning with a complicated childhood, a moment where their early potential shines through, initial success, an internal conflict externalized (usually) by drug and alcohol abuse, ruined relationships, rock bottom, and finally either death or resurgence. 984 more words

Wild Rose at the De Valence at 7pm on Tuesday 8th October.

Wild Rose is a 2018 British musical drama film directed by Tom Harper and starring Jessie Buckley, Julie Walters, Sophie Okonedo, Jamie Sives, Craig Parkinson, James Harkness, Janey Godley, Daisy Littlefeld, Ryan Kerr, Adam Mitchell and Nicole Kerr. 175 more words


Wild Rose: A Glaswegian take on tried-and-true narrative and tour de force performance

Should you see it: Yes. Unless you hate tour de force performances from young and exciting actors. 8/10.

IMDB Synopsis: A troubled young Glaswegian woman dreams of becoming a Nashville country star. 444 more words


Film Review - Wild Rose (2018)

Title – Wild Rose (2018)

Director – Tom Harper (The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death)

Cast – Jessie Buckley, Julie Walters, Sophie Okonedo… 610 more words