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“Mr latecomer, as usual, you don’t disappoint” he said waving. I stood up straight from my crouching position, stretched my back and waved back politely. 1,150 more words

Women Only

Today is the Ancient Roman festival of Bona Dea. The name just means ‘good goddess’ and her real name was so secret that nobody knows what it was. 701 more words

Brilliant Women

Julius Caesar Act 2

Brutus called Portia a “true and honorable wife.” What is a “true and honorable wife (or husband)”?

Julius Caesar

The Defense of Brutus


The Defense of Brutus is one the most memorable oratorical pieces in history. Taken from the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Brutus is one of the conspirators (together with Cassius), who plots against Julius Caesar, a well-loved Roman general and senator, and Brutus’ best friend. 389 more words


The Tribute of Marc Antony

Background of the Speech

Also known as Marc Antony’s Funeral Oration for Julius Caesar, this speech is also memorable and well-known. Taken from the same play… 577 more words


Julius Caesar Act 1

Cassius tells Brutus that “many” wished Brutus saw himself the way they do. Why is it important that he tells Brutus that such people are “groaning underneath this age’s yoke”? (II, 66) What does that mean?

Julius Caesar

New Hour-Long Shakespeare released

We are pleased to announce the publication of a second book in our excellent Hour-Long Shakespeare series.

Abridged specifically for all those interested in Shakespeare’s plays, especially teachers and students of English and drama, these one-hour performance scripts maintain the arcs of Shakespeare’s plots without compromising the integrity of his original language. 98 more words

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