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Οι πειρατές ζητούσαν λύτρα από την αρχαιότητα… Ακόμη και ο Ιούλιος Καίσαρας πιάστηκε όμηρος στο Αιγαίο

Το φαινόμενο της πειρατείας πρωτοεμφανίστηκε στη Μεσόγειο, 2000 χρόνια πριν από τον Ερντογάν! Ήταν και παραμένουν οι «ληστές της θάλασσας»… 

«Η πειρατεία πρέπει να γεννήθηκε από τη στιγμή που ανακαλύφθηκε η πλεύση, όταν οι άνθρωποι ανακάλυψαν ότι μπορούν με ένα πλωτό μέσο να πάνε από τη μία πλευρά στην άλλη.


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I love a good Shakespeare play. I have seen many, but I do tend to stick to the ones that I know and love. I’m slowly working my way through new ones to me – and I think the last ones for me to tackle are the historical ones, mainly because I am aware that they are going to be harder-going. 330 more words


Irish Wolfhounds – "Gentle When Stroked, Fierce When Provoked"

Irish Wolfhounds are one of the oldest breeds of dogs recorded in the history of man. They appear in early Irish law tracts under the name “Cú” (modern Irish word for hound). 313 more words

Irish History

Julius Caesar Act 2

Brutus called Portia a “true and honorable wife.” What is a “true and honorable wife (or husband)”?

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar Act 1

Cassius tells Brutus that “many” wished Brutus saw himself the way they do. Why is it important that he tells Brutus that such people are “groaning underneath this age’s yoke”? (II, 66) What does that mean?

William Shakespeare

Ancient Rome's Appian Way

Sunday afternoon I visited the Appian Way, “ancient Rome’s most important military and economic artery”. The road is one of the “oldest roads in existence” and called the “Queen of Roads”. 492 more words