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Not getting older, Getting better

Going from 0 to 5, it was all learning and being a kid.  I have to rely on the memories of my family members on this one since it’s been too long ago. 405 more words

July 2013

The conjuring

The conjuring is a genuinely scary, well made horror film, something that is so rare to see in modern horror and if it wasn’t so cliche then it could have been one of the best horrors of recent years. 1,249 more words


Our First Anniversary

To commemorate our first anniversary, this poem is a reflection of how my story has changed from a life without you to a life with you. 205 more words

July 2013

For keeps


I’d long ago stopped trying to stop waiting
because after those lines will be to let go,
that, I’m afraid I can never do so. 101 more words

Why is no one talking about this?

Janet Jackson released an album last year!!!!! Where was I, in space????? I feel so out of the loop. I feel like the title may have been misleading but I feel so strongly about this. 77 more words

July 2013