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Shelter in books

My family and I like to reminisce about the camping trip during which we had sought shelter in a bookstore, first from an unbearably hot summer afternoon and then from a tornadic storm later that day. 312 more words

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Decoding a culture

Frances’s questions are usually, but not always, delivered out of the blue or in rapid-fire style.

There are times when her questions are kind of jolting in a personal way because they provide a glimpse of the ways in which she struggles from day to day. 44 more words

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Indian Passenger Vehicle sales decline at 8% in July 2013

Indian Passenger Vehicle sales decline at 8% in July 2013 – Car,SUV/MUV & Vans

The Indian Passenger vehicle market for the month of July 2013 witnessed an 8% drop in sales compared to July 2012. 17 more words


Tweets of July, 2013

“When fighting to liberate your land, store 10 bullets in your Gun. 9 for the Traitors and 1 for the enemy..” -Abdullah Azzam.


Al-Mutasim said on his deathbed, ‘Had I only known that my life would be so short I would not have acted as I did.’ 78 more words


Mission Accomplished

Construction Executive, July 2013

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Mikelis Raudseps, June - August 2013

Upon finishing my CAS reflections I noticed that I had forgotten to write about the summer of 2013. However I was able to find my diary entries that freshened my memory as to what I did in those three months… 341 more words

Miķelis Aleksandrs Raudseps