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Beach Ball (Repost July 2016)

I feel slightly deflated
From months of rain and cold
Hiding behind closed curtains
Wrapping myself in blankets
So when summer comes
The sun shines through the cracks in the blinds… 91 more words


Lemonade Stand (Repost July 2015)

Summer sunsets
Are tart
The pinkish hue
Has a little bit of a bite
As it slides down
Your throat
The horizon
Is a little sour… 86 more words


Be Impossible (Repost July 2014)

Be impossible


Keep your attitude

Tucked behind your ear

So you can pull it out

When the world

Is crowding you

Slamming and jostling… 21 more words


All League Read: The Women's Hour

The Informed Citizens Book Club is taking the month of July off . Instead we are suggesting that the members of the League of Women Voters of Larimer County join in an “All League Read” of  … 241 more words


Cycling at Brooksbank Disability Hub

Fancy some quality time this summer with your son or daughter and like the idea of getting fitter at the same time? If it is a ‘YES’ then this might be for you. 112 more words


Love Poem #30 (Repost July 2013)

Must be so hard

To be a god

Even if it is only

In your own mind

Never understood

What drew me in

Maybe it was the shallow smile… 106 more words


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part Four: The Last Hunter

June 23, 2013: The Impersistence of Memory
Noel tried to argue why Caius couldn’t be behind the AI going haywire. He remembered that Caius was a Guardian of the seeress, but couldn’t remember his other reason. 1,115 more words

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