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My name is Daniel Ramirez and I have been in Las Vegas for 16 years.  Originally I am from Mexico.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that my passion is horses.  155 more words


What to Expect - SEPTEMBER


I started my mid day shift schedule at work in June and just couldn’t find time to get anything done. I wasn’t reading, writing, or posting which did not make for a very happy Lindsay. 182 more words


Solutions Carters Baby Girls 4th of July 3piece Swim

On the cost front, H2X swim Spa is great value for the money and it is regarded to be the most energy efficient swim spa your money can buy. 376 more words

City West Rep. - July 2015 Activity Report

Summary of Activity:

This past month has been a bit quiet for me as well as a little stressful. It has been stressful because I haven’t had a shift at either of my two jobs for 3 weeks. 347 more words

2015 Board Reports

31st July...Payday

Why is it, every payday that comes along, it’s like you have been living on the bread line for the last three weeks of the month. 101 more words


Carters Baby Boys 2 Piece 4th of July

If you have a steam shower in your house, you will have a lot concern related to the cleaning and the maintenance. Some of the steam shower dealers have good service technicians who can service the steam showers in the right manner and the right time. 348 more words

Book Haul - July & August

Now I don’t remember in when in this time I got any of these books, so they are in no particular order. Welcome to my birthday book haul :) 1,118 more words

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