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Dubai Dreaming

But it’s not a dream, it’s the real deal — we’re here and were living it all in. Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, the dream worth living. 14 more words


Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah, which translates to “beautiful”, is a district of Dubai filled with luxury hotels (the worlds only 7 star hotel) and is bordered by a beautiful sandy beach running along the coastline. 182 more words



haven’t had much to be thankful for lately which is why I tried harder than usual to count my blessings and even the teeny tiniest things counted- including the conversation I had with a friend about Ginsberg, a stroll down the beach in a skirt a tad bit too long but loving it just the same, nutella ice cream while watching my dad have a brain freeze over his strawberry shake, walks at 7.30 PM when it’s pitch dark outside, a recent Can’t Make Up My Mind platter that I had for dinner (and then the next 3 meals too) and some other stuff. 11 more words


Get High by the Beach

What better place to do our very first (ever) photo session but in the heart and soul of what is Dubai — 130 more words

Dubai Fashion Blog

Travel Guide: Dubai

After spending a week in Dubai earlier this summer, we (Michael & I) have a few tips to getting the most out of this incredible city! 788 more words



Boncie is supposed to pick me up from this massive airport quite early, but she did mention she would probably oversleep. I tried ringing her back at the equally impressive Hamad airport in Doha but it was past midnight, and Face-timing her while hurrying to my departure gate is quite difficult to do. 2,104 more words

Where In The World Is Miles