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The spoiled rich child is a common character within the Kdrama universe but the sageuk’s rich kid ┬átakes being a jerk to a whole new level. 1,260 more words


Random recommendations for long historical dramas

If you are looking for a long historical drama to watch, I would highly recommend Jumong and Dong Yi. They leave the deepest impression on me + I am satisfied with the endings+ there are many twists here and there + I watched them a few times without feeling sick of it. 510 more words

Korean Dramas

8. The God of War: King Daemusin

Kingship in Goguryeo passed from the founding king Jumong to his prodigal son Yuri. When it came time for Yuri to pass the throne, however, there was a slight hiccup. 2,191 more words


5. The Hundred Who Crossed The Waters: King Onjo

When Jumong crossed the river to escape the wrath of the princes, he left many things behind in Buyeo. His mother, the egg-laying Yuhwa, became a respected figure in her own right, judging by the fact that she was given the same burial ceremonies as an official queen of the court. 1,094 more words


4. The Divine Archer: King Jumong

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Buyeo was divided into two parts: Eastern and Northern Buyeo. Most information about these kingdoms is left to speculation, but one of these kings, Geumwa, enters Korean history as a result of a hunting trip. 988 more words



I am a diehard fan of Korean historical dramas ever since I watched Jewel in the palace (Dae Jang Geum) while I was volunteering in Ghana. 253 more words


Little Sister: She wants time

Mom told me about how little sister was talking about things. Kid’s only six years old but is already pretty aware.

She asked mother if mom would still be alive when she will be an adult. 25 more words