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Hidarime Tantei EYE the Making! DVD Bonus~!

Hmm, I got the subbed SP making which was televised before the SP aired but I haven’t seen the behind the scenes! Haven’t seen any soft subs yet but I hope somebody will work on this! 134 more words

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Yama-chan cries again! Hidarime Tantei EYE Farewell!

Ahahaha finally I got a clip~! :lol:
I like this one better than Scrap Teacher!

I like how he joked with Yoko like a toddler and how the staff was teasing him not to cry, or are they? 214 more words

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SK: Ganbaretsugo! [DL]

I really like this song, so catchy and very ‘youth-like’~ :P
HS7 is not the same if they’re not complete but I’m happy to see that almost or all back dancers have a tiny mic, might be just for chorus or small lines but I don’t see this thing too often so it’s good~ 10 more words

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Hidarime Tantei EYE ~Final Ep8~ [DL Sub]

Finally~!!!! xD
I’ll start watching this now, I’ll comment later!

He looks like YamaP here~

What can I say….? I’m so confused! Not that it’s hard to understand, it’s all about revenge but this last episode is like a whole new show! 177 more words

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BEST! Score! [DL]

Too tired to post translations today but finally found a subbed version of BEST’s new song ofcourse thanks to HikaBu’s talents… I like how they gave everyone lines~

* kamichan

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JUMPing Paradise~!

JUMP is coming back to Shonen Club! :lol:

* kamichan
* joykimberly99 f rom PB

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