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July 10th - No Fear

I’ve seen the Martin Place amphitheatre used for many things, but skateboarding is one of the more popular, and no doubt┬ámore entertaining.

I’m particularly amused by the passers-by, stopped in their tracks as this kid attempts to withstand gravity for as long as possible. 119 more words

Dans Daily Photo

Guy jumps a fence at the Columbus zoo and nonchalantly pets some cougars

Look, we’re very honest on this site and I’ve gotta be honest with you right now. That video was a HUGE letdown. When I clicked on the headline that said “Man jumps into cage with cougar at Columbus Zoo” I was pumped. 127 more words



One of Hope’s commands is “Inside.” It is used to have her go into her crate, when I need to direct her to a specific location that doesn’t have room for both of us (like when we are in a restaurant and I want her to go into an out-of-the-way area next to a wall, or if a pathway becomes too narrow for both of us to walk) and to get into a vehicle just to name a few examples. 70 more words

Cerebral Palsy

WATCH: Pool Jump Gone Horribly Wong

Do NOT try this at home. And, PS, please wear swim trunks if you do. –Jax


Hammock Time Again

We attended another barbecue at our friend, Miranda’s, on Saturday and Henry had fun hanging out in the hammock and meeting new friends. Sunday, we went to a nice brunch to celebrate Mark’s and my fifth wedding anniversary. 6 more words

jumping boy

jumping boy
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For commercial use pls Make sure reading the license of this photo file… 29 more words