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Fear Is The Doorway To Bliss

Last year I spent 60 days across the ocean island-hopping the north and south islands of New Zealand as well as Australia mate. I was fortunate enough that while I was there I got to participate in some pretty spectacular experiences that may not come around again in my lifetime. 493 more words


Jumper Salutation

When a person leaves, he/she typically says “Goodbye”.  What would a jumper say?  What would a jumper say thinking that he/she might get stuck and/or lost in time?   116 more words


God Bless the Broken Pieces & Jagged Edges

As the sea ebbs and flows washing out the discarded and then setting upon another distant shore the same unwanted junk. It doesn’t disappear, just floats around out there bumping into other rubbish following the current until being carried back up on dry land where it will inevitably be ignored by some, dismissed as someone else’s problem until it is either carried back out to sea to repeat the process or retrieved and properly disposed of. 1,380 more words


Question 112 : Trampoline

When is the last time you jumped on a trampoline?

“Jump around!
Jump up, jump up and get down!
House of Pain
“Might as well jump. 65 more words