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Jumping Sunday

Sundays are for bare feet and hanging out in mom and dad’s bed-even if it’s just to jump on it. Visit my website….http://www.juliedoranphotography.com/

Cincinnati Photography

Dueling Beds

Why must the innocent always suffer? Especially when I’m the one that’s almost completely innocent. And why is the degree of innocence so different in the eyes of my beholders? 749 more words


The Full Twisting Double Layout Box Spring Bounce


Darren: Again Lill, do it again.

Lill: *Panting* I’m exhausted – I want a break.

Darren: We’re so close – I won’t let you stop. 84 more words


Time Out

My 2 ½ year old grandson slipped off the couch where he had been doing ‘time out’ and approached his father. Could he do it again, he asked? 627 more words


Ohh-Kay.... This is a new one

Well, she loves to run around on a freshly made bed…. But, this is a new one….going up to the back wall and falling straight backwards into the covers!

Life as I see it { 30 day personal project} day 13// Batemans Bay child photographer

January 13th | day 13

Todays story:  I love holidays!!!!! Sleeping in, reading a novel and just chilling because we can.  We have such a blessed life I’m so thankful! 107 more words

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