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August 24, 1850: Meet Me at the Fair

London’s Bartholomew Fair, a wild celebration on the eponymous saint’s anniversary, died not with a bang but a whimper after enduring for more than seven centuries, Although originally established for legitimate business purposes, the fair had become all eating, drinking and amusement (for shame!) and a bit of a public nuisance with rowdiness and mischief. 196 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

New music video from Alex Cameron: "The Comeback"

Once again, I find myself stumbling for words to describe what it is about Cameron’s music and the simplicity of his music videos that attract me so much. 323 more words

"Star Trek Beyond" Jumps the Shark Where No One Has Gone Before

Warp back twenty years and tell a Trekker that the series would one day reach a point in which Kirk and Spock have to use the musical power of the Beastie Boys to save millions of lives, and the poor Trekkers would inform you that the alternate time-line that you come from is the darkest one. 951 more words


Henry Winkler Tells The 'Jumping The Shark' Backstory In His Garry Marshall Remembrance

So many things had to happen for one of the most infamous moments in television history to occur. If someone nixed the idea of doing a backdoor pilot from… 432 more words


Eleven Books and Counting

I have officially published 21 ebooks.  However, it dawned on me recently that I just published the eleventh Dreams novel.  Eleven of them… and people still pay me to read them.   206 more words

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Game of Thrones, Season Six - May All of Your Fan Theories Come True...

Game of Thrones, both the novels and the TV show, has always been about subversion. It’s always been about withholding an audience’s desire for neatness. 2,353 more words