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The term "jumped the shark" has officially jumped the shark

Linguistics experts in Sydney have released a statement saying that the term “jumped the shark” has officially jumped the shark. While acknowledging the irony of such a moment, and getting a sick satisfaction out of such a neat use of language, the team of experts predicted a steep decline in the term’s use. 246 more words


With only occasional and benign zombies, The Walking Dead has sadly become The Talking Head.

“I have a gun in my hand but all I really want to do is talk.”

Sometime during this season (7) of AMC’s hit series, … 364 more words

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How bad has The Walking Dead become?

It’s so bad that I don’t even know why I watch it anymore. Of course I have been a fan of the Detroit Lions for 30 some years so I guess I am a glutton for punishment. 764 more words

The Walking Dead

I'm losing all hope in humanity.

I actually shook my head. Off in the distance is a shark and it’s preparing to breach the surface..


ALEX CAMERON – " Jumping The Shark "

If in a parallel, time, Bruce Springsteen, instead of selling out arenas, ended up singing resentful songs in a dark Las Vegas bar. In our reality, this same person lives in the body of… 426 more words


A Hedgemas Carol

I don’t believe we’ve done a Christmas Carol bit before. Maybe, but I don’t think so. I tell you what, you go search through 21 years of comics and get back to me. 25 more words

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