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JOBS Act - Help or Hoax?

Last month I spoke at an industry gathering of asset back lenders, private equity professionals, investment bankers, and hedge funds on the topic of the… 686 more words

Marketing Strategy

Asset Management and the JOBS Act

If there is one thing you can count on in marketing, it’s that change is inevitable. Though change in marketing practices may not have been the primary intent of The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act as signed into law by President Obama in April of 2012, the impact exists just the same. 490 more words

Marketing Strategy

In Defense of Following the “Crowd”

Source: dailyreckoning.com, by Wayne Mulligan.

Posted Nov 15, 2013.

“For the first time,” said President Obama back in April 2012, “ordinary Americans will be able to go online and invest in entrepreneurs that they believe in.” 799 more words


Twitter Confidentially Submits Plans for I.P.O.

Twitter filed the initial paperwork on Thursday for its long-awaited initial public offering of stock.

Unlike with typical I.P.O.’s, however, potential investors and the public will not yet get a look at the company’s finances. 52 more words


Crowdfunding: An Opportunity Or a Big Risk?

Small firms, including many start-ups, need financial backing beyond their own financial resources. Today, through the Internet, such companies have access to a rather new phenomenon known as “crowdfunding”. 424 more words

Social And Digital Media

Lobbying on the Enacted Legislation of the 112th Congress

The media has labeled the current Congress a do nothing Congress, but is that description accurate?  While it’s true that the current Congress hasn’t addresses many of the country’s biggest challenges, it also true, significant pieces of legislation were passed and signed into law.  949 more words

Lobbying Organization

New Investment Program Touted to Get Startups Through The Valley of Death

CLAYTON, MO–(KMOX)–The Ritz Carlton with its crystal chandeliers and oil paintings of Victorian ladies imparted a feeling of prosperity on the crowd gathered for the county’s annual economic luncheon, despite the slow recovery with job growth as meager as a shower towel at Motel Six. 547 more words