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Thoughts on Apple acquiring Metaio

Since the announcement of Apples acquisition of Metaio (http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/28/apple-metaio/) last Friday I have been onset with a number of thoughts – anger, dejection, pessimism and disbelief to name a few. 650 more words

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Weird Data Collage

Collage of some weird data generated pieces for our manifest data presentation.

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All Junaio articles now on Metaio's brand new blog

Dear Junaio community, we are happy to inform you that the Junaio blog has merged with the refreshed Metaio blog. All the inspiring Junaio stories can now be found under the… 122 more words

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AR Weekly - Thanksgiving '14

This holiday season, let’s be thankful for some hilarious kids’ jokes.

Actually, the Velociraptors just heard about the Jurassic World preview and are on their way to the closest computer. 368 more words

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Metaio Brings Free Augmented Reality Authoring Tool to Microsoft Excel

Augmented Reality for navigation has never been easier since the release of Metaio’s POI plugin for Microsoft Excel. What does it do? This plugin allows you to create points of interest (POI’s) which can be viewed as augmented billboards in your camera feed using the Junaio application. 240 more words

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Matera – the City of Stones

This time of the year don’t you just wish you could forget about the grey skies outside our windows and catch the next flight towards the warmth of the sun? 515 more words

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On the Verge of Art’s Latest Revolution: Augmented Reality

A guest post by Vanessa Oswald

Today, we have an especially artsy treat in store for you.

Oil paintings are old-fashioned? Well, some people would agree, considering our highly digital lifestyles, where technical gimmicks can be more fascinating than the traditional way of painting. 471 more words

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