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As it goes, as it goes 30.06.06

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As it goes,as it goes. Our rereading of Xian origins,belief remains duty,for all we are drive off  by criticism of stupid,blind articles,and we are always on the verge of abandoning it all together. 28 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

As I was saying 30.06.06

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As I was saying before being so rudely interrupted by this self error making machine, we may not let go the definition of the relation of the world on its own, a complex of intelligences, set up,guided and maintained by inherent ends and inherent means to accomplish those ends, an independence and endowment recalling all the creative god shapes, while we have nary a person or a separated mind,up high,or under the sea. 29 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

Letter (Full): Dear Mr.Witmer. 27.06.06


Dear Mr.Witmer:

In your reading of 1 Thess.4.9 in NTS 52.2  you  go to extravagant lengths to “prove “ or establish….

the usual reading !..It is there in the still basic J.E.Frame translation,commentary of  l912, and had been standard then for half a century, theodidaktoi drawn from didaktoi  theou, the connection to Isaiah made a hundred times .Your linguistic  and theoretical display add nothing to the conventional reading. 1,643 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

We must center. 26.06.06

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We must center on the experienced realization,studying historic statements in its light. That babe we suddenly envisaged,prone, his body extended,legs apart,an invisible  spit on                                                      which    he was pitted.As if his incorporation were some sort of steel frame or platinum holding pattern on which he was stretched. 803 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

Letter: Dear Mr. Witmer. 24.06.06

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Dear Mr. Witmer:

In your article on 1 Thess. 4.9 in NTS you write, “Kloppenborg is unable to cite any Greek text that mentions the Dioscuri teaching  brotherly love, or teaching anything at all. 288 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

Letter: Dear Mr.Witmer. 23.06.06

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As individuality is enforced and knowing provided, what is realized like its vehicle  has been effected, and once seen assumes control. A thought, an image, an explication, alive like its progenitor shows up effecting on its own. 698 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

It is true we posit. 21.06.06

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It is true we posit mind at work,with intent,will,capacity to fulfill intent,  just as the believer posits a Mind and Will and calls it Omnipotent God.Haven´t we abolished the term but kept the functions ? 889 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett