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Why Music Journalism Bias Works

A Shopworn Adage

When I began music blogging, one of the first things I heard repeated over and over was the phrase, “you need to be unbiased in your journalism.” I heard it even more when I shifted my focus from writing about artists that everyone already knew about to ones that people… 1,231 more words


Bullet by June Divided

Some music for Christmas Eve…

Times like these shed unfamiliar light
On everybody’s colors that they hide
It’s not about the way that you fall down… 246 more words


Classically Trained But Now Rocking Out.

Text by Beth Ann Downey. Top image by Rachel Barrish. Middle image by Doug Seymour. Bottom image by Rick Kauffman.

Giuseppe DiCristino remembers being enthralled by Antonio Vivaldi’s… 969 more words


Rick@SXSW: June Divided, DRGN King, Bleeding Rainbow and The Cold Fronts Explain SXSW.

What is SXSW?

One way to find out the true nature of this “showcase” is to ask the Philadelphia acts that traveled by van the 1663 miles (give or take) from Philly to Austin. 1,154 more words


June Divided

Hailing from the city of brotherly love, June Divided give music fans a lot to love; starting with the superb vocals of Melissa Menago. With a new album… 42 more words

Artist Profiles

Song of the Week 1/4/2013: June Divided--The Way We Started Out

There’s a bit of back story to this song of the week. I lived about 45 minutes from Philadelphia for five years while in the military. 182 more words


Hard Rock Cafe

Just to start out, you will never not be happy at a Nearly Deads show. I saw them on Friday at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville, along with The Notion, June Divided, and Comasoft. 314 more words