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26 Mar 1921 - From Hollywood

June Mathis who adapted “The Four Horsemen” for the screen, was formerly a well-known ingenue with many popular comedies and musical plays on Broadway. Before that time she was a popular actress in the stock companies of the East. 70 more words

18 Sep 1927 - Alberto Valentino

When it comes to a matter of experience Alberto Valentino has much more right to the role of the man of the world Rudolph Valentino. In fact Alberto has seen an active and a successful life. 623 more words

San Francisco Silent Film Festival 2014: Opening Night: "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

And so thus it is with the patterns of the moon and, alongside the Earth’s shift upon its axis in which, verily, as the dawn doth shine… Ah, excuse me; neo-Romantic and Griffith-esque phrasing in intertitles are addictive. 660 more words


21 Dec 1924 The Secrets of Valentino’s Life

In honor of the birthday of Rudolph Valentino, I will be publishing an article from 1924 about the secrets of Valentino’s life.

It is all very well, but there is just something special about Rudolph Valentino. 907 more words