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4. L O V E

Originally written on June 12, 2017

4. Yêu

chúng tôi dành phần lớn thời gian nhìn nhau. trong nhà hàng. trong quán cà phê. trong một thoáng trên đường. 444 more words


Spring 2017 Recap: April & May

I want to start creating a timeline of my life, to be able to look back upon and reflect about what I’ve been able to accomplish and recognize how lucky I am in life to have these opportunities. 773 more words


The Countryside of Skipton

I love traveling when you have great weather. Don’t get me wrong, a rainstorm can be relaxing and make a good story, but there’s nothing like nice weather that permits you to walk around and stop wherever you feel like. 87 more words


Back in Juin

Hola gente bonita, I’m back! I know, I know. You’re probably wondering again why I haven’t been posting anything. I deeply apologize, I have been crazy busy with school, homework, and work. 300 more words


June: Lock 'em up!

After May’s consecutive losses this mission briefing just adds insult to injury. The equipment is a neat idea but was underutilized as a result of just so many things to do on the board. 323 more words

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