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I'm an introvert, not a troglodyte!

I am so sick of hearing people say, “Oh my gosh! Don’t tell people you are an introvert!” in hushed, secretive tones. I’m not telling them I have typhoid, for Pete’s sake! 688 more words

Psychology and Literature

I’ve been thinking recently about how I can use my background in psychology to aid my study of literature. After all, isn’t literature essentially the exploration of human nature through words? 777 more words


The Secret of the Golden Flower

The Secret of the Golden Flower (CLICK)

The link takes a little too long to open, but don’t give up.

Great chinese text, translated by Richard Wilhelm with commentary by C.G.Jung. 13 more words

Digital Art

What annoys us in othersis a good indication of what annoys us or is lacking within ourselves. 

Or something along those lines is what Jung said.

I asked my BF today how he was doing with some stuff he had going on. I could tell my question bothered him. 333 more words