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The Secret of the Golden Flower

The Secret of the Golden Flower (CLICK)

The link takes a little too long to open, but don’t give up.

Great chinese text, translated by Richard Wilhelm with commentary by C.G.Jung. 13 more words

Digital Art

What annoys us in othersis a good indication of what annoys us or is lacking within ourselves. 

Or something along those lines is what Jung said.

I asked my BF today how he was doing with some stuff he had going on. I could tell my question bothered him. 333 more words


Jung & The Artist

 “Art is a kind of innate drive that seizes a human being and makes him its instrument. The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purposes through him.” – CG Jung… 79 more words


Jung According to Jung According to Me: Memories, Dreams, Reflections

“Anyone who takes the sure road is as good as dead.”
C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

In March of this year, Kayla and I embarked on a more formal journey with the Dream. 1,251 more words


The Integrated Life

This past fall, I began the dream group leader certification program at the Haden Institute. As part of the requirements to complete the program, there is a syllabus of required reading, approximately a book a month. 887 more words


Jungian Archetypes

The Archetypes

Strictly speaking, Jungian archetypes refer to unclear underlying forms or the archetypes-as-such from which emerge images and motifs such as the mother, the child, the trickster and the flood amongst others. 884 more words

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