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I Hate To Break It To You

Oh, he’s a sick man. Frustrated and sick…sick in his mind, sick in his soul, if he has one…hates everybody that has anything that he can’t have… 386 more words


Back? Back From Where?

I was watching a reporter interviewing a bunch of Trump supporters, asking them how they felt about their choice one year later. They were all still very unreservedly pro-Trump, and gave the answers you’d expect from them, facts and real statistics be damned. 533 more words


Isms, groups, collective

I’ve listed a few Jungian definitions from a glossary (here) written out by Craig Chalquist, PhD.

Isms: psychic INFECTIONS that spread across whole peoples. 360 more words


Poetic Musings

As well as being an aspiring copywriter, artist and proofreader – I’m also a poet. I regularly write poetry for performance in my local area. You may see me with a group called Poets on the Hill and my favourite venue to perform is a place called Creature Sound, behind the train station in Swansea City Centre. 674 more words

Astrology, Magic and Psychology

Though there is a common belief that Carl Jung must have been into magic- the truth is not quite that simple. One of the first bits of evidence that people like to bring up is that he’d been heavily influenced by William Butler Yeats- but, first, when works by Yeats on that topic were published around 1901: Jung hadn’t read much into it. 1,857 more words


Totally Tarot: Zombie Tarot

Soooo a few years ago, my old man gave me a deck of Zombie Tarot after finding pictures on pinterest. My tarot knowledge isn’t that great, but it always seemed fascinating to me, after playing around with oracle cards. 185 more words