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Aversion Can Indicate Projection

Aversion. Projection. Shadow. Integration. Four words I’d prefer sometimes not to know. Four words that I’d prefer to not have experienced. But without dark there is no light, so here we are. 585 more words


Nervous System: The Three Stages

Change in the Self seems to alter relationships. It’s interesting to witness. A change happened recently for me, in that I was able to cope with lonliness. 579 more words


Augustine's Archetypes (still cleaning up after joey c)

I came across an interesting passage in Augustine’s City of God recently, and I wanted to commit a bit of time to it. He’s talking about Cain, who is, Biblically, the founder of the first human city, Enoch. 1,129 more words


On My Bookshelf - Man and his symbols - Carl Gustav Jung

The genesis for this book was a TV interview by the journalist John Freeman, for the BBC in 1959. It was to be the last book to bear Jung’s mark, though it is in fact a collaboration between Jung and several of his closest colleagues in the psychoanalytical movement at that time – namely Joseph Henderson, Marie Louise Von Franz, Jolande Jacobi and Anielia Jaffe. 842 more words


Self-Indulgent Ponder

It’s been a while since I pondered Jungian theory, or indeed anything psychoanalytical. The need to dissect my psyche has diminished somewhat with the birth of more settled times. 299 more words


Prophets to Profits: The Corporate Takeover of Spirituality

By Vida Norris
  • Corporations and individuals who sell spirituality select fragments of ancient spiritual concepts or teachings and then repackage them to be more appealing as a product to sell.
  • 158 more words