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Dreams, Art, and the Unconscious: A Jungian Perspective

I wrote the following for the Jung Society of Utah blog.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 882 more words

Jung, the Shadow, and Activism (Gandhi)

One of the great contributions in the work of  Carl Jung was the delineation of “The Shadow,”  a concept partly introduced by Freud in his conception of the “Id,”  but given a fuller exposition in the work of Jung. 881 more words


"Darkness (Standing in Jung's Shadow)"

There is a part of you that is refused
An unconscious darkness, infused
A non-ego,
rejected and ignored

We carry our shadow inside
The less we acknowledge, the more we hide… 106 more words


i started going to a therapist weekly in November of last year. i feel very fortunate A) to be able to afford therapy through health insurance/personal funds and B) to have lucked out and found a great therapist right off the bat. 315 more words


Sharkness and Whaleness (3/22/10-Buenos Aires)

In certain respects, the ego may be likened to a shark—a solitary predator, an efficient killing and eating machine. Not terribly bright and joyful (like the dolphin) or profound (like the whale) but focused, ever on the lookout, single-minded. 438 more words

Selections from "Images & Symbols: Studies in Religious Symbolism” by Mircea Eliade

“Symbolic thinking is not the exclusive privilege of the child, of the poet or of the unbalanced mind: it is consubstantial with human existence, it comes before language and discursive reasoning.   384 more words


The Key

from prompt/share over at Real Toads

The book I am currently rereading is Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I chose this quote from the last part I read to write this three-stanza poem: 661 more words

My Poetry