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The Power Of Dreams For Our Writing And Our Well-Being

We all dream when we sleep. Some people say they don’t, but it’s probably more a case of them not remembering them. We usually remember our dreams just for a short time after waking, but sometimes they are so intense we find them difficult to cast off in the morning, and they linger on us like a heavy cloak of unsettled feelings and we wonder where on earth from inside us they came from, we wonder what they mean. 1,465 more words

On Writing

A Few Surprises

Nearly one year has passed since I’ve retired, and I haven’t travelled. I’d imagined that I would have gone at least to Italy by now, if not Riyadh, but I’ve become settled and even complacent.   1,158 more words


Horror and the Predator Within

I have been reading a few articles on why we watch, read, consume horror, and I wanted to add my own two penn’orth.

All movies, writing,  and in fact all art forms are emotion machines. 1,063 more words


Transcending the Pairs of Opposites (1/14/11)

My problem, at this point, is that I am not quite ready, it seems, to dispense altogether with sex—nor am I sufficiently ‘evolved,’ ethically, to dispense altogether with that other pole—power concerns. 706 more words

Repurposing Persephone

I have done my best to avoid talking about politics online, although admittedly I’ve allowed one (or more) memes slip onto my timeline, mostly because the play on words was funny. 1,440 more words

Hitler and Wotan, God of the Dead

I thought this might be of cursory interest, considering all the discussion of Hitler/Trumpform recently.

Jung noticed this topic, too.
If you’re going to compare people to  291 more words

‘Loneliness does not come from having no people around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you.’
– C.G. Jung