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on leaving our bodies

the body is a vehicle for the soul, for awareness, for “me” yet it is also a cage, a room, a  house that holds in the spirit. 301 more words

from the world weary woman

a beautiful excerpt from World Weary Woman: her wound and transformation by a Jungian analyst- Cara Barker. let the soulful inner voice be respected, expressed and heard… 293 more words


“People aren’t encouraged to be different anymore. Everything now is so safe! You go to the shows now and where’s the spark? Where’s the dream? Fashion promotion should really be about dreaming and changing.” 16 more words

Can you really trust that your thoughts are your own ?

Can you really trust that your thoughts are your own ?

Incredible as it might seem, there is an ethereal field of inspiration assessable to all of us which surrounds all humanity and interconnects us. 2,047 more words


Psychology and Literature

I’ve been thinking recently about how I can use my background in psychology to aid my study of literature. After all, isn’t literature essentially the exploration of human nature through words? 777 more words


Shamanic Self-therapy (workshop)

(This is a very different kind of text, and I had some initial hesitations about posting it because it’s simply a practical handout for one of my workshops, rather than the crafted, quasi-poetic essays I’ve usually written. 8,772 more words

Subjectivity & Self-transformation