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Tumbleweed Moments

There are some places you may visit where you likely will never see a tumbleweed. Take Mount Everest, for example, or London.  The elevation is too high for the Russian thistle to survive Everest’s rare air, and New York City is too urban and densely populated for  a weed blow-through. 1,387 more words


discovering agency in symbolic politics as psychic expression of Blau space

If the Blau space is exogenous to manifest society, then politics is an epiphenomenon. There will be hustlers; there will be the oscillations of who is in control. 886 more words


Visual Journal Prompt: Jung's Mandalas

I’m a big fan of mixed media journalling. My inner child has a heyday when I get a new blank journal. When I have a really good one on the go, those pages are… 767 more words


Carlyle, Jung and Symbols

I have sometimes liked to suggest that the central idea in Carlyle is that of the symbol as engine of social progress, citing a few old reliable quotes from… 1,080 more words

Archetypal America

In honor of the release of  the Archetypal America workshop recordings, I offer this post on one of my favorite films, Stagecoach. The course recordings can be purchased as a digital download here: … 1,141 more words


rich in symbolism

A recent Powerball winner seems to contradict what I’ve so often said about dreams…

According to Pearlie Mae Smith of New Jersey, the winning numbers for the May 7th Powerball jackpot came to her in a dream. 139 more words


Lirik Lagu Jessica Jung (feat Fabolous) "FLY"

Lirik Lagu Jessica (ft. Fabolous) – Fly
Invisible angaessoge
nareul chajayaman hae Yeah
jageun bulbit geu huimangeun
sangsangmaneurodo You’ll Find

nopeun goseul hyanghae
soneul ppeodeo bol ttae… 279 more words