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The world where humans are "harvesting" wild animals

I recently have read a book that impressed me so much: The Earth has a Soul: C.G. Jung on nature, Technology & Modern Life- edited by Meredith Sabini.  322 more words


A Bard’s-eye View of Plato, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Freud, Jung, and what’s at the Bottom of Things (5/3/16)

In my view, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Freud, and Jung—each in his own, more or less adequate manner—came closer to the essence of things concerning the foundational elements of human consciousness and ‘truth’ than Plato and Aristotle did. 867 more words

Two Wisdoms (5/14/15)

I wonder if the bulk of my written thoughts and ‘spiritual reflections’ aren’t best targeted to those readers who have already consciously begun questioning and loosening those attachments that bind us to the world, to our bodies, to our intimates, and to our personal plans for the future. 760 more words

Complexio Oppositorum (4/11/11)

Deeply embedded in my attraction for certain women is a disguised yearning for abandon and for forgetfulness—as I have noted before. Knowing this, should I simply avoid pursuing such prospects altogether—since such involvements, if they happen at all, never last long or satisfy both of us? 1,046 more words

Lucid Dreaming on Mercury Station direct, Equinox Sept 2016

Mercury the winged Messenger, and symbolic link between the conscious and  unconscious mind, can bring psychological breakthroughs on the Stationary days at the start and especially end of his retrograde cycle. 19 more words


Putting Stock in Jung

I re-took the MBTI test tonight and discovered after four years of consistent ENTJ results (with one exception during a short phase of my life where I was trying to become a deeply sensitive, kindred spirit… it didn’t work), I’ve tested as something different: ESTJ. 799 more words