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Guinness Soliloquy

The only poem about Guinness i know is this sonnet i have written, which if it is the only sonnet about Guinness, means it is the best sonnet about Guinness (he says with bated breath & a head full of self-delusion,& stout, haha). 112 more words


Take a Personality Test

After having read the description of the 16 personality types, as well as the Jungchow accounts of personality types in relation to cooking and dining, you may be able to guess your personality types. 45 more words


The 16 Personality Types

The PDF below gives a description of each of the personality types and accompanying famous examples, typical occupations, mottos for the type, favourite dining experiences, horror meals, their kind of prayers and their ‘outer’ – being a phrase that would irritate them and cause them to leave the room.



Jungchow - Sensing and Intuition

The two perceptive functions, sensing and intuition are the two basic ways in which we perceive, or take in, the world. These functional choices therefore determine something very fundamental: how we view the nature of the world and what it is that we find important about it. 1,194 more words


dream sequence

What if I cannot live with anyone, ever again, I thought to myself, before falling asleep. I have been tired since I asked him politely to leave. 237 more words

Dream Turbulence

I was in two places at once. There wasn’t much to observe, or was there? In the waiting area, a man in his forties fidgeted in the chair and glanced at the two or three people who walked by him. 214 more words


Special Metaphors

It’s the Spring Equinox today.  I woke up, picked yesterday’s clothes out of the pile on the table at the foot of my bed, drank a glass of cold water, brushed my teeth and stuffed a notebook and mittens into my bag. 3,841 more words