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Daedalus (Black Remix)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 579

for language
symbolic this
mothers’ death
was a life
he bestows on her—her surrounded now—
his mothers
the composition for a life… 129 more words


Jung and tarot: understanding symbols

I’ve just invested in a second hand copy of one of Jung’s books which reflects one of the last pieces of his work before his death in 1961. 54 more words


'It' report


From the start, I get a sense this book isn’t just another Stephen King story. There is something about this book, a sensation, a  2,112 more words


Ingmar Bergman, Persona (1966)

Film summary:

Ingmar Bergman is a director who can deliver more in just a half an hour than most directors do in their career. A true giant and a poet of human suffering; he deals with the pain of being a man in ways similar to those of Michael Haneke. 728 more words


Islamic take on Ouroboric Evil

Mean of living is precisely one, and that is love, while man opts one of the three states to live by it:

  1. complete dependence, i.e.
  2. 204 more words
Depth Psychology

Wholeness and Time (8/15/17)

If I’m on the right track and supposing that “called or not, the Gods are present,” then the quest for wholeness – or the full unfoldment of the personality – may be somewhat less dependent upon… 1,012 more words


Where Are You Shin Hye ?

yonghwa open his laptop. after connecting with internet, he open his email and saw something that make him shock.. 537 more words

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