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Descent--Into the Belly of the Whale

For this month of May let’s explore here the stage of the Hero’s Adventure which requires Descent and Re-emergence.  Once an adventurer set upon their glorious Quest crosses the (first) threshold to enter into the domain of their field of action to achieve fulfillment, they are often initially “swallowed up” or they descend into a “forbidden (verboten) zone” of a sort that accords with their needs.   737 more words

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Review - The New Diary

The New Diary by Trisline Rainer was published in 1978 so it’s a bit dated in places but ok, I admit it, it was the same price as a cup of coffee including postage also many of the reviews of other modern books on journal writing referred to this book. 352 more words


Cormac McCarthy explains the brutal, beautiful neuroscience of the unconscious

A good article — still limited to a biological evolutionary context. Comes close to but misses archetypes which are biologically explicable and consistent.

Source: Cormac McCarthy explains the brutal, beautiful neuroscience of the unconscious



Tlapatsí Technique

64 x 122 cm.


The number seven holds a special connotation in the human psyche, remember that the ancient alchemists determined seven metals corresponding to seven planets and seven entities that guard the mystery of the great work. 279 more words


In the kingdom of 00110000 00100110 00110001

Between the borders, within the city, inside your home, inside your room, inside the codes and digits of virtual interaction you reside. You own that tiny space of distorted reality. 66 more words


Malo o snovima i narko kartelu

Prošli tjedan sam sanjala da sam dio poznatog kolumbijskoga narko kartela i da moram prošvercati veliku količinu koke preko neke granice u neku državu. 803 more words