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The Tarot Talks Archetypes

What is Yours?

Astrology and Tarot are separate artistic disciplines with distinct histories and traditions, but there are powerful connections between them, with many astrological archetypes embedded in the Tarot. 2,054 more words

Robin Hood: The Trickster Archetype

Attending University of Philosophical Research is my version of going into the forest to find the lost goddess within. We begin to yearn for something beyond ourselves answering the call and embarking on the journey, we find that soon we are experiencing privation and suffering. 613 more words


Universal, Planetary, and Human Archetypes within the Collective Unconscious

NOTE: This article is not divided into subheadings because it is an excerpt from one of the informational sections of the novel LOUDHOUSE.

The phenomenon of archetype is component of the collective unconscious. 2,226 more words

Jungian Archetypes

to those who seek; intro; mission objective

Spirituality and self-knowing go hand in hand.

How do we become the true master of our psyche, our inner world? How do we gain inner piece, make progress in our life endeavors, and reach our spiritual goals? 184 more words

Ancient Mythology

Deciphering Lucy

The Lucy Poems are a collection of five poems  by William Wordsworth, which were published between the years 1798 and 1801, that speak of the elusive eponymous character whose presence looms over them. 697 more words