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Spo-reflections on Wagner

Richard Wagner’s birthday is this Wednesday. For Spo-fans unfamiliar with this composer, the more you know about him the less you like him. He was so self-centered he makes Donald Trump look good. 298 more words


The Observer - mixed media on heavy watercolour paper

The Observer

mock-up frame

mixed media with collage elements on heavy watercolour paper
14.8 x 21 cm – 5.8in x 8.26in
original for sale.. 16 more words

Spo-reflections on a nefarious Complex

Spo-fans know I am trained in Jungian psychology; when I am work on self-awareness I explore such in the lexicon of complexes and archetypes.* I’ve noticed some sort of complex is beginning to dominate my mind. 639 more words

Jungian Psychology

Dream Interpretations (Part 1 of 2)


Only a very small percentage of us understands the meaning of dreams. Dreams hold much importance and opportunity for our self-growth, improvement and self-discovery. This article is a guide to dream interpretation. 350 more words

Life Journey

What is Sandplay?

Do you just make castles or something? That’s the usual question I get when I mention that I’m a Sandplay Therapist. It’s not a silly question. 867 more words


Notes from the office: The Cassandra Complex

  I spend a lot of my professional life trying to figure out ways to get people to do things they don’t want to do. In Medicine this is called “nonadherence to treatment’; in classic psychiatry lexicon this is ‘resistance”. 604 more words

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Seasons of the Soul: Revisited

While I’ve previously written on this topic, something new occurred to me while meditating the other night: the “seasons of the soul” are, in part, the direct experience of the personas, as per Jungian psychology. 578 more words

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