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“….Uncle knew things happened in the field that shouldn’t make the reports.  Every unit had secrets, because all of us got caught in actions that were confusing, at best.  415 more words

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The "Napalm" Girl

Another iconic picture from the Vietnam War.

You might not know her name, but you’ve probably seen a photo of Kim Phuc – She is well-known as the terrified young girl in an iconic photo from the Vietnam War.

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The Vietnam War Story


“….Wilson spoke with a powerful baritone voice that was decidedly southern, in origin.  He was the only black officer in our camp.  He had immense calloused hands that seemed uncomfortable holding papers.  516 more words

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Burial at Sea (Guest Blog)

This account is one of a kind.  A powerful one that touches your heart.  Tough duty back then – as it is now.  These are remembrances of a Casualty Notification Officer. 2,859 more words

The Vietnam War Story

The President gave us medals.

But the Hmong wanted something else…
The tusks had been hacked out of the skull and tied to the helicopter skids. Reluctantly Xang called in the perimeter guards but the pilots and door gunners were eager to go. 51 more words

Did the elephants have us licked?

The animals had other ideas and disappeared into a patch of jungle. They stayed put and no matter whether we flew right over them or came zooming suddenly at the jungle, they didn’t move. 53 more words