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Have Some Okapi

This mother T. rex is serving her yearlings some lean meat in the form of an okapi (Okapia johnstoni) while her mate keeps watch in the background. 105 more words


X Ambassadors "VHS" Review

X Ambassadors burst on the scene last year with their song Jungle¬†being the advertisement for Beats during the 2014 World Cup. They followed Jungle… 345 more words


Neci's Remix Recruits: X Ambassadors

You may be familar with X Ambassadors’ new song “Renegades” but the new album ‘VHS’ just came out at the end of June. Their previous EP called “The Reason” is also worth a listen. 69 more words


Don't let me be misunderstood

This being my second attempt to write today, I think we may get somewhere. The first being a complete failure, beach and good book proving to easy a distraction from actually having to think. 2,402 more words

Amid Clouds - A trip to Mussoorie

It was Cloudy , Murky , Misty , Cool , breathtaking and a relieve from simmering heat of Delhi (42 degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius :D )


The Jungle Has Sticky Floors

“I just like watching the people, y’know?” Jessica said, pulling more of the Orange Julius into her mouth, “I like thinking about what their lives are like, or making up stories for them – sometimes I get really elaborate with it. ¬† 291 more words


Starry Forest Floor

Three years ago, I had the most wonderful opportunity to live on a tiny tropical island in Pacific Ocean near the Philippines. Although I could tell you a thousand things that happened, there was one night that stands out in my mind in a surprising way. 262 more words