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The Jaguar and Poacher

Spread across a strangler fig tree a sleeping jaguar stirred, licking his paw. The golden glow of the sun illuminated the vines that formed a bridge. 187 more words

Goodbye, to all that

Sudden on silent nights I
Think of the long farewell…
The wave –
The sweet smile hidden
Beneath a fading sun… All this

Is lost somewhere, this… 127 more words


Sound and Vision

My legs were shaking as I crouched beside the enormous kapok tree. I regretted not doing more squats. I’d been meaning to do them, but I hadn’t and now I was annoyed at myself for always being pre-occupied with work. 2,205 more words

Short Stories

Fantastic Scenery of Two Lakes in Bali

Hello! Hope you have a wonderful day. Great day for tell about wonderful experience during in Bali. Besides the marvelous beaches and the beautiful scenery of panorama, Bali has much beautiful tourist attraction. 499 more words


Trekking through Chiang Mai

Trekking through Chiang Mai’s mountains is by far the hardest, most challenging physical activity I’ve ever undertaken. Climbing steep hillsides, balancing on branches to cross rivers and having to figure out where to put your foot for every step of the rugged terrain to prevent twisted ankles, is exhausting. 925 more words


A Collection of Jungle Stories - Chapter One

Chapter One.

As I pushed aside the tall grass wet from the afternoon monsoon rains, I felt the ground tremble. I was in a small clearing surrounded by huge padauk trees and vines trying to trek through a steamy jungle with mud up to my calves. 937 more words