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BFTR Interviews: Marvellous Cain

With the fully packed release of the Hitman Album upon us this month, we had the privilege and honour to talk to one of the founding fathers of Jungle, the legendary Marvellous Cain. 971 more words

Drum N Bass

Days 16-18 Jungle visit! 

Three days and two nights in the jungle courtesy of Uncle Tan’s safari tours. I was excited about all the wildlife I might see but also a bit nervous about how I’d cope being in a hut in the remote jungle for a few days! 901 more words

The pools of Semuc Champey in Alta Verapaz / Guatemala

The pools of Semuc Champey in Alta Verapaz / Guatemala

Jungle Reclaim

When the jungle decided to reclaim this house, nothing could stop it.
After trying many times to push it away, the inhabitants had to leave and let the jungle possess their possession.



The spirited, lively market had wonderful smells as you walk through the jungle of handmade clothing and wooden pieces. 

Markets are one of my favourite places to be, vibrant, adventurous but also to get them sneaky deals through. 162 more words




Pterafolk are a race of shape-shifting pteranodon-like humanoids nearly unique to the jungles in the south of Esperia. At first glance, pterafolk in their natural forms looked like tail-less lizardfolk or saurials, but they were much taller and leaner and had elongated cranial crests like pteranodons. 239 more words

Creatures Of Esperia