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28 installment of OBEAH

“For Christ sake, cut, cut, cut!” Henry screamed. Finally, the plant went limp, and the funnel flopped to the ground, and the hairs wilted immediately. Henry cut Adofo out of the thick leaf. 1,173 more words


Rolaz Remixes Craze & Trick Daddy - BOW DOWN BITCHES!

Our Bass Addiction favourite Rolaz has been working as hard as ever with a huge catalogue of tracks and projects in the pipeline. His latest piece to be released is the riotous Jungle remix of Craze and Trick Daddy’s ‘Bow Down’. 193 more words



This probably should have been my first post on Borneo. On our trip there we stayed at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge – deep in the primary… 82 more words


Plantations, Oreos and a Man called Lan

The first thing that struck me about my visit to Taman Negara National Park was not the park itself nor the diversity of animals within. No, what got me was the endless miles of Palm Tree plantations surrounding the park, choking it right up to the boundary line. 860 more words


Jungle Book Diaries- Mowgli

                Was there a Mowgli at all?

We all have grown up listening to and reading Rudyard Kipling’s tales of Mowgli, the jungle boy reared by the wolves.Mowgli lived somewhere in the forests of India, apparently and many of the characters of Kipling’s work have Indian names- Baloo, Sher Khan etc. 353 more words


Miss Pinup Australia 2015 Post 2: Workshops and Meet and Greet Weekend

Well boy, have I got a lot to tell you!

It’s been a jam-packed day full of amazing ladies and wonderful moments. There were tears. There was laughter but above all, there were lots of smiling faces. 976 more words


The Emerald Forests

“For the first time I realized the terrifying vastness of the Malayan Jungle. In every direction there were tree-clad hills, peak after peak and ridge after ridge, purple at first, then violet and blue, fading at last into the paler blue of the distance.”  … 377 more words