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[DOUBLE REVIEW] Gotta Go To Work + YeY - Beast

Finally, what I intended the double reviews for. For when artists come out with a pre-release and then their title track. Honestly, I felt like Beast should have reviewed sooner, but it won’t be fair for other bands to wait it out as well. 629 more words


Good Luck - Beast

Yesterday I reviewed No More, by Beast and now I am reviewing their title track on their new album, Good Luck.Proven to be a hit, the song has earned many awards so far and have many people praising the boys for their talent. 486 more words


No More - Beast

OMG, Beast is back with a new songs. And they are back on “Beastagram” for their new music video. Wow. After nearly a whole year disappearance from Korea as a group, the group has finally returned to the stage to wow everyone with their new songs. 489 more words


8Dayz - Megan Lee

Another famous YouTuber has finally made her debut onto the stage. Mega stars such as Ailee, Eric Nam who have received successful love from the people of Korea have all been scouted from YouTube. 579 more words


Fiction - Beast

How on earth did I pick these songs? Today I will be reviewing Beast’s Fiction. This was the title track off their first album and was one of their most successful songs. 537 more words


Flower - Junhyung (Beast)

Junhyung is the next member of Beast to go solo. After a year since Yoseob debuted as a solo singer, Cube Entertainment unleashed their next big surprise. 626 more words


Boy+Lipstick = Love? [Part 16-END]

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