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College Golf Coaching Changes

These are some coaching changes in college golf for the 2015-2016 season.


School                                    New                               Old

Arkansas State –            Mike Hagan                Steve Johnson

Kennesaw State –         Bryant Odom                Jay Mosseley… 89 more words


Fear of making mistakes in golf must be overcome for you to reach your potential. The fear of making a mistake and looking bad can become debilitating. 38 more words

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Persistence and a Growth Mindset

So what is persistence?  Persistence is about persevering which is about being determined to stick with challenging situations. It is about knowing how valuable it is to have to struggle and to try hard. 397 more words

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Welcome to Lessons with Leslie!

As an LPGA Teaching and Club Professional, I want to help you improve any and all aspects of your golf game. There are always ways to work on your technique for putting, chipping, pitching and full-swing in-order to improve your contact, direction, and distance control.  115 more words

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Learning “Curve” is not a straight line

Though we continually teach and write about learning not being linear but rather nonlinear, I think it is still difficult for them to grasp.  Golf students misinterpret this due to them hearing the word “learning curve” in other such environments where a skill is being developed.   727 more words

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Failures: Use Them Well

It is easy to celebrate success and triumphs but if we are not careful we can easily stunt are growth and improvement by not looking at our failures.  672 more words

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If you think training is hard....try losing

I am unsure where this particular quote came from or who wrote it but it is very powerful.

Many golfers, both adults and juniors, profess a great desire to improve and set very lofty goals but unfortunately the physical action taken does not match the words spoken. 179 more words

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