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“Jennifer Juniper, lives upon the hill
Jennifer Juniper, sitting very still

Is she sleeping? I don’t think so
Is she breathing? Yes, very low”

Donovan, 1968, I remember it well.  136 more words

Every manufacturer has a set preferences or administrative distances that it uses to determine when it receives multiple routes from different routing protocols that it uses to determine which route is meant to be installed into the RIB (Routing Information Base) also known as a Routing Table. 22 more words

Tips And Tricks


Forget the quetzal, take a gander at our resplendent magpie in eastern Oregon.In the above shot he is carrying a juniper berry in his beak. Yes, thgere is blue and purple on his back and wings. 10 more words


Ethernet Switching Basics

The very basics is the understanding and concepts of VLANs.  A VLAN, or Virtual Local Access Network, is a method used to segregate traffic on a switch to keep traffic contained within one VLAN separated from another VLAN.   1,010 more words


Bypassing the Flow processor on an SRX

The Juniper SRX series, is capable of being used as both a firewall with routing functions, or it can be configured to handle the higher more traditional routing, through a configuration option.   389 more words


The Dreamers of Dreams

“We are the music makers… we are the dreamers of dreams… we are the movers and shakers… of the world, forever, it seems.”

— Arthur O’Shaughnessy

Anthony Satori

Meet My Husband!

In order to understand my life (if that’s even possible), you really need to know the guy I married. So here he is:

Now let me tell you a little bit about Ben: 297 more words