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Origins of Doll Names

How do you come up with names for your dolls?

I do not have many dolls at the moment, but I still find it difficult to come up with unique (or not so unique) names for the ones I have. 470 more words



Have you ever questioned your self, why on earth do we need OSPF type-4 LSA ? well, you are not the only one. Welcome to this blog post where we’ll try to discover the actual worth of that LSA. 503 more words


Front Renewed...A Rocky Mountain Juniper Gets a Makeover-

This tree has some history in the garden. We nicknamed it ‘The Fish’ to distinguish it from junipers in the garden that resemble other animals. Last week we changed it to a new front, which had been raised as an option for some years now, and we finally took the bait… 132 more words

Juniper SRX 110

This week I bought an Juniper SRX 110. This device will help me to get more acquainted with the Junos cli structure.  From a Cisco perspective this box is slightly wider than a Cisco 8xx series router. 25 more words


I'd absolutely watch that: A quick thought on M*A*S*H

So I’m at the bar and staring at a few gin bottles and for some reason my mind wandered across to the show M*A*S*H (possibly because of all the recent talk about North Korea and Kim Jong-Un’s continued testing of bigger and better missiles and talk of a possible US military response, possibly because we’ve got a Korean bartender and two Korean cooks who are just awesome, and make the best fucking fried chicken you’ll ever taste). 344 more words

Quick And Dirty

Hepple Gin - A Hot New Gin You Need to Try! (+ WIN a Bottle!!)

The location of the Hepple Estate is almost made for gin lovers as there are many unique botanicals growing in the wild, and the water running through the Northumberland National Park is some of the purest in Britain. 437 more words