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Lab 15: Writing unit test cases for MapReduce

Hi Hadoopers,

Here is the next interesting post. We already know (at least, we assume we already!) junit is the unit testing framework for Java. Based on that, hadoop offers us MRUnit to write unit test cases. 767 more words

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Dan North's JGoTesting library

Dan North, who is a pioneer in the field of Behavior-Driven Development (or rather “Behaviour-Driven” – he’s British) and a very entertaining public speaker on agile/extreme development practices, … 598 more words


NFL to hand Lane Johnson a 10-game suspension pending appeal

The NFL is set to take action against Eagles right tackle, Lane Johnson. Johnson will be handed a suspended 10 games for testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance a second time. 217 more words

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Common Android Testing Frameworks

Assuming you’ve all read Post 1 on this topic, this post will introduce you to some basic tools to get started on testing. This is not a comprehensive list, by the way; these are tools I’ve used as a developer and which I have used enough to have some opinions on. 437 more words


ArrayList as Queue

import java.util.ArrayList;

//Using ArrayList as a Queue.
public class Queue<T> {
	public int maximumSize;
	public ArrayList<T> queueArray;
	public int front;
	public int rear;
	public int numberOfItems;
	public Queue(int maxSize) {
		front = 0;
		rear = -1;
		numberOfItems = 0;
		maximumSize = maxSize;
		queueArray = new ArrayList<T>();
	public void insert(T item) {
		if (isFull()) {
			System.out.println("Queue is full. 763 more words
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Find consecutive integers to have four distinct prime factors

//Find the first four consecutive integers to have four distinct prime factors. 
//What is the first of these numbers?

public class DistinctPrime { 
	public static int testLimit = 10000; // till what number this test should run
	private int count; // count of the numbers processed
	public DistinctPrime() {		
		count = 2;
	//Create object of class DistinctPrime and call the method findIntegers()
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		DistinctPrime dp = new DistinctPrime();
	//Method to find the integers that have distinct prime numbers as factors. 1,324 more words
Algorithms And Data Structures

Doug Pederson to keep Lane Johnson as his starter until he hears from NFL

Doug Pederson decided not to play Lane Johnson against the New York Jets in the final preseason game. Under normal circumstances, that decision would not be questioned. 342 more words

Philadelphia Eagles