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First "Experience" in Mobile Test Automation.

Bismillah…. Its not so long since I am swapping my playground from Developing Android Apps into SQA. My first assignment as an SQA in my company is to build an environment for Automatic Testing for Android applications. 558 more words


Android Studio 1.1: Unit Testing on the local JVM

The Android Studio 1.1 update is still filtering onto developers machines. One important improvement is the addition of support for unit testing using the local JVM on your development machine. 58 more words

Android Studio

Rerun Failed JUnit Tests

Hello Friends,

Many times Selenium tests are getting failed due to no reason… as UI tests are fragile in nature.

There are many uncertainties like slow response, browser issues… and many more. 347 more words


JUnit in Development: Theory and Practice

A common question when learning how to use JUnit is “Who actually uses JUnit and how?” While I was learning JUnit I encountered a great deal of advice to use unit testing and how wonderful my code would be if I used Test-Driven Development. 200 more words


Installing JUnit

Here follows a chapter from the book “Java Unit Testing For Developers – Designing, Developing and Test Automation in JUnit”, available on Amazon here. 165 more words


Java Unit Testing For Developers

This book is designed to give you an overview of the capabilities of JUnit and how to get started integrating unit tests into your projects.  JUnit (and unit testing in general) can be of huge benefit to your development process and the quality of your code, though the learning process can be difficult. 172 more words