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When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

I’m all about side dishes lately. I’m sure it has something to do with the summer (finally) approaching, lack of desire to plan out an actual meal, or lazy attitude regarding grocery shopping. 352 more words




Poutine ? What the truck is that ?” you might ask. In short, poutine is your best friend but also your worst enemy. It makes you feel good, but it may as well kill you. 306 more words


A Sweet Treat☕

These were donuts I picked up from Wawel Polish bakery.

They were great with hot chocolate.


Danger Zone

Hubs got the results of his blood work in the mail yesterday.

Ought oh, his cholesterol is elevated; 208

He said: Guess I’ll be going on a diet. 129 more words

Bad Donut

No health benefits whatsoever, just an addictive indulgence: A Michael Jackson donut (black & white) deliciously dumped with cookie dough ice-cream. Scraped the bowl clean!


The Munchies

Don’t judge me…it was a holiday lol


Another Budget Lobster🌻Dinner

This was another (super cheap) cooked lobster I bought at the supermarket a few Fridays ago. Since my first budget lobster dinner was a success, when I saw it again I just had to snap one up. 80 more words