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Tasty, Simple, and Delicious

One of my favorite snacks is so simple!  Sometimes I’m even lazy preparing delicious treats– they’re so good I want them right away!  This snack doesn’t involve any baking or prep, and once you get the ingredients at the grocery store, you will be eating this snack for at least a week. 112 more words


MacDonald's Sex.

From what I have read and heard, the MacDonald’s Sex epidemic is a fairly novel, increasingly common complaint across the Western world, from young newlyweds to boomer couples and old married folk, from teens to centenarians, from men and women. 341 more words


I Have Discovered-1

I have discovered that life is too short to sleep on a bad bed, eat junk food, and talk to dumb people. 433 more words



The setting tells it all,

unhealthy food and trailers abound.

People are too close

but it’s part of the environment.

The lights go out,

murmurs and silence ensues. 22 more words

Cranberry Blogs - Life In New England

angel in the she shed

I saw a “man cave” the other day on my run; it must belong to one disgruntled, emasculated husband because it’s a large pole barn with an outhouse abutted to it (this is what happens when you live in county and not city limits; the neighbors live like a bunch of goddamn animals), complete with a huge sign identifying it as a “MAN CAVE”, the letters of which I believe are formed with shotgun shells. 726 more words

Girl's Day In Snack Ideas

Hola, peeps! Today I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite lazy day snacks. These are great to make when you and your girls decide to stay in because you’re not really feeling like dressing to the nines and countouring to the Gods. 28 more words

Day 19: Crap Suzette

Standing in a convenience store too many hours after I’d last eaten, I was almost frantic with hungry indecision.

All that stared back at me off the shelves was a load of rubbish. 119 more words