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The Story behind this McDonald's Happy Meal will disgust you!

(NaturalNews) It’s enough to make your stomach turn, but then again, it involves the fast food giant McDonald’s, so is it any surprise?

What we’re talking about is a photo of a McDonald’s meal that Alaska resident Jennifer Lovdahl recently shared on social media. 693 more words


Smore Cookie Tray 

Hello everyone,

Today my sister and I have experimented with a smore cookie recipe which I came up with the other day when I wanted a different way to make smores. 254 more words


Health VS Ecology

Sometimes unexpectedly logical thought visited American scientists. And sometimes these thoughts are radically contrary to what we are taught by fighters for the environment and a healthy tone of civilization. 148 more words


Eat out pick of the week: The Counter

There is no food lover on the planet who can stop themselves resisting a delicious burger or at least that’s what I would love to believe. 271 more words


Junk Food Day


Lunch: Leftover from yesterday

Curry Pan

Somehow I got so hungry after work, so picked up a curry pan at Nijiya and ate in the car :P… 25 more words

At Home

Eating My Emotions

For about a week now I’ve been eating. Eating mostly junk. Here and there. In between my healthy habits. Candy. Cookies. Ice Cream. Chips. Plastic wrapped burritos. 234 more words


Makanan Siap Saji Menjadi Lebih "Aman" Jika Dikombinasikan dengan Makanan Mediterania

Studi terbaru menunjukkan bahwa, ketika konsumsi makanan siap saji dikombinasikan dengan makanan Mediterania, hal ini dapat mengurangi risiko untuk terserang stroke dan serangan jantung.

Studi yang dilakukan kepada lebih dari 15.000 orang dengan penyakit jantung ini, menunjukkan bahwa makanan Mediterania memiliki hubungan yang erat dalam mengurangi risiko serangan jantung dan stroke. 397 more words

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