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Pancaked out 

Hello everyone,

So last Tuesday was pancake day which meant for me pancake week!!! No it isn’t because I am greedy it is because it means I end up making about four or five different batches of pancakes with four or five different sets of people. 259 more words


Yet more ramblings.

Good afternoon my beautiful readers.

Today started off in a not so great way. Planned to go swimming and get my writing done and so on and so forth, we got half way to the pool before my cramps kicked in again (thank you body for ruining my day.) Walked home, tired as anything, embracing the wind. 301 more words

My First Date Night of 2016

SO invited me out on our first date of 2016. He really went all out and selected a gorgeous restaurant. Personally gastro-eating is one of my favourite date activities! 323 more words

Cherry Darlings All-Vegan Bakehouse, Adelaide - Review

Vegan junk food heaven – Cherry Darlings in a nutshell!

Just a small bakery located on 5 Aloha Terrace in Forrestville across from the train station. 294 more words


Junk Food Galore

I am a health food fan but also a junk food fan … A balance of both world.

As I walk into any 7-11 in Bangkok I gotta get myself a bottle of water and these junk food goodies… … 75 more words

Eat, Drink, Play

Salami, sausage and mushroom slice - Oz Pizza

Sprinkled with extra parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes. $5
Oz Pizza, San Francisco CA

This place has become my go-to for fast, greasy goodness. 19 more words



8:13am, Office Desk, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I have no clue what this post is going to end up being about but I do know that in some time you’ll find out what route it’s taking because you guys are smart and don’t need me to tell you exactly what I want to say or write or express and that is an interesting thing since being smart is very subjective and you can never say if some one really is smart because you could be very smart in some things but you can definitely be stupid when it comes to other things, like a very smart person might not know how to tie shoe laces which for an apparently ‘dumb’ person might be the easiest thing to do which he can do with his eyes closed while he thinks about a dozen different things which do not relate to any thing even remotely concerned with tying shoe laces or shoes or feet and can keep thinking while near perfectly tying up the laces because he has been doing it for so long and its the most simple thing to him and doesn’t require him constantly focusing on the act itself, like when you first try your hands at stick shift driving or playing guitar and cant stop constantly trying to focus on both hands and the trick for me here to do this successfully is not to think of the end product and I shouldn’t ask… 784 more words