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Backyard Spicy Fried Chickin’

Chickin’ is the proprietary name of a vegetable-derived chicken substitute and I must report that it is indeed meat-like.

One could be fooled into thinking that one was eating slightly dry, yet chewy chicken. 47 more words

Western Food

Truffle Burger

Continuing on my tour of hamburger restaurants, I visited Umami Burger in Hollywood.


It was delicious and very greasy. Truffle cheese, fatty beef and a truffle jus made for a savory feast. 18 more words

Western Food

Spicy Korean Fried Chicken 

Not only have I been craving Asian food recently, but also fried chicken. I want to check out Roscoe’s Fried Chicken, but I’ll reserve that for a date. 65 more words

Junk Food

Words, words, words

I need 250 words and I’m struggling so find them. Well, that’s not strictly accurate, I have access to a head full of words but they need putting down in the right order, and it needs doing quickly because I have other jobs to do. 491 more words


Earth to Humanity: Go Vegan or Die — Armory of the Revolution

A brilliant observation by Armory contributor George Martin. Earth to Humanity: Go Vegan or Die by George Martin Nature is blackmailing humanity into going vegan—and it’s a blackmail I fully support.

31 more words
Climate Change

The Streak

Let me tell you about a little game called The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It’s a randomly generated dungeon crawler videogame in which our hero, Isaac, must fight to survive the hellish onslaught of things hiding within his basement. 1,281 more words