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Right now I am trying to fast for health reasons. It is more an intermittent kinda fasting. I am sure you may have heard of it. 504 more words


British women die younger

compared to women in almost every other country in Western Europe.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is urging governments to introduce sugar taxes and raise the price of alcohol as it believes Europeans are the “ 226 more words


What To Avoid In College Life To Save Money?

College life is always full of experiments, a search for an identity and also for a job. Let’s face it. Most of us have only limited pocket money to be spent during college and we have to manage all our ‘ 477 more words

College Life

how pizza is positive

Pizza is one of your favorite foods, because its full of flavor and if makes you feel hip. When you lived with your parents you ate a sensible diet, but now you are free and have pizza on the brain. 221 more words

Positive Thinking

Norwegian junk food

My favorite food blogger and author, Molly Wizenberg co-hosts a podcast with the hilarious Matthew Amster-Burton called Spilled Milk. They taste a variety of foods and talk about it, which always turns absurd and hilarious. 52 more words


Think B4 You Eat

The other night I was waiting for a friend to finish an evening class at the high school. There was nowhere to sit, so I strolled the halls a bit while I was waiting, perusing the various things posted on the walls. 492 more words

Kicking Our Junk Habit: Do Bans and Regulations Really Make us Eat Healthier?

Public health is a tricky field for campaigners: it’s considerably less glamorous than a lot of other causes. Policy responses seem to favour the approach of throwing ideas at the wall, hoping something will stick. 675 more words