Kogan takes down the Schultz proposal on warming

George Schultz says do warming like Reagan did ozone. NOT.

Shultz should know more about the science before trying to draw parallels and dig up Reagan memories. 269 more words


Corrupt peer review makes the news

Thomas Lifson on a new scandal in science publishing. 178 more words


MACT is another "cobenefits" EPA game--they use small particles for everything.

This inane article in the Hill describing the inane deliberations at the SCOTUS, gives our JunkScience.com readers some understanding of the way the EPA takes advantage of the scientific illiteracy and innumeracy of the judiciary. 250 more words

Whoa, journalists are working an agit prop agenda for warming--really?

Wink, wink–these clowns can’t hit their butt with both hands but would propose to tell people what to be concerned about. 32 more words

Climate Change

The Feds start to squeeze on fracking

Any surprises? After all fracking is evil and causes earthquakes and such. 110 more words