This study on Charter Schools is despicable.

Damn these people, they set up a straw man–the failure of charter schools to provide transportation and meals, and then assume that means that Charter Schools are discriminatory. 49 more words


It's ok to lie for justice--another fraud foisted by a homosexual advocate

What a big surprise, another fraudulent research study on the wonderful appeal and general public support of the homosexual lifestyle, if people just get informed. All those referenda rejecting homosexual marriage, just the product of misinformation and religious bigotry.

Researcher Misconduct

California Enviro Problems--the CARB

Many years ago the California Air Resources Board, a sub division of the California Environmental Protection Agency distinguished itself as a lunatic fanatic bureaucracy. CA has paid the price. 50 more words

Climate Change

Morano--cleaning EDF clock?

Yep, but they do have a problem–the evidence doesn’t prove their position, it refutes it.

Climate Change

A study in how not to do it?

Oregon State University¬† Extension shows how not to do a study correctly but how to get lot’s of scary press. 275 more words

Junk Scientists

More on the consensus scam

Sam Karnick, research director for Heartland, recommends this, and I do too. 72 more words

Climate Change

The Golden Rule of Forecasting--J Scott Armstrong

Many years ago I sat in on a lecture at a Heartland Climate meeting by J. Scott Armstrong from the Wharton School at U of Penn. 438 more words

Climate Change