Hard to evaluate the SCOTUS opinion that pushes back on EPA

It is easy to say that this is important. However EPA deceit is so commonplace.

Climate Change

National Geographic displays ignorance of evolutionary theory

Incremental improvements in racehorse times in short events is not an evolutionary trend. 202 more words

Junk Scientists

Lies, Damned Lies, and Retractions - "settled" science unsettled

From Benedict Carey at the New York Times, via Chaos Manor:

“The crimes and misdemeanors of science used to be handled mostly in-house, with a private word at the faculty club, barbed questions at a conference, maybe a quiet dismissal.

76 more words
Researcher Misconduct

Nye the ninny

Well if all weather events can be blamed on warming that isn’t happenin’ what else can be blamed on a non event? 18 more words

Climate Change

Scientific Fraud has NYT in a wad--NYT, the home of journalistic advocacy

These NYT clowns don’t get it–if a NYT reporter lies for justice–he gets applause. Now they get their panties in a wad because scientists lie? … 174 more words

Scientific Method

The Panel on Human Health at the Climate Conference organized by Heartland

This is the link to the panel on Human Health for the Heartland Climate Conference in DC June 11,12.

I was pleased to participate–great presentations by the members, who have been mentioned favorably on many occasions here at JS. 113 more words

Climate Change

Will Happer, Physicist Princeton--with a chair position--says warmers are goofy mad

I would say yes but it’s about the true believer pathology–they are committed to a sky is falling concept so they can commit to a “solution.” 68 more words

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