Why I object to Freud and psychoanalysis

It has to do with the problem of Freud–how he bamboozled so many people by taking advantage of the way people are. A huckster and charlatan–you bet. 274 more words

Scientific Method

Meteorologist discusses Climatologist Bell's new book

Witless is another book that helps explain the noisy panic and bad science and policy of the warmer scam. 45 more words

Climate Change

Josh evaluates the inane comments of the Columbia 8 on the Oznut

Apparently there is this disease that is endemic to east coast big cities and Ivy League schools–it’s called dissembling or deceit and prevarication, but in other parts of the world the word LIE covers it. 72 more words

Scientific Method

The Oz episode continues--what is the definition of a quack?

Dr Oz Blasts Writers of ‘Brazen Letter’ Calling for Ouster

Today Med Scape put up a typical lefty journalistic piece written by a guy named Lowes. 296 more words

Scientific Method

Another journalist tries to explain racial differences in crime and violence--almost gets it

Report on violent police confrontations. The take home message is that blacks are more violent, and get more violent results and reaction for their misconduct. 2,392 more words

Researcher Misconduct

Newt is a central planner RINO--he loves to make big statements, even when he's ignorant

The last thing we need is more NIH fumbling, the lack of antibiotics is the result of FDA excesses.

NIH is a menace. They fund all kinds of junk science and cover for misconduct. 47 more words


Kimmel makes fun of junk scientists--nice

Some say that making fun of the idiots beats a formal debate–I agree, and Saul Alinsky always encouraged vilification and lies as a much more effective tool than rationality and civility. 65 more words

Junk Scientists