Epidemiology compared to Astrology

I spend a lot of time explaining why epidemiology is the home of a lot of cargo cult, junk science.

The problem is that an observational discipline is easily highjacked by fraudsters. 274 more words

Scientific Method

Nye is no science guy, he is a science duufus

But the man has a microphone and a camera, and in the world today–that’s better than competence, that’s notoriety and fame. 85 more words

Climate Change

More On Walking Back The Low Fat

Last week’s article provided a bit of historical perspective on how the elites could be so wrong for so long on dietary matters. Also included was one comment from Rep. 857 more words


An essay advocating protecting scientists from harassment

This writer says scientists are unfairly attacked–but I would suggest that scientists who become advocates and are guilty of fraud should be exposed. 224 more words

Climate Change

The importance of critical thinking

I keep coming back to how to detect bullshit, the pretense of intelligent inquiry that is not at all.

Asking the right questions, demanding truth, veracity, integrity in the inquiry that goes forward based on reasoned assessment. 271 more words

Scientific Method

Milloy puts up the report on EPA spending and their long list of dependents

Tom Coburn has been exposing federal gov spending excesses for years.

This report on the EPA provides stunning information on the gravy train was tweeted by Milloy today, but deserves addition mention and a wider audience. 80 more words