Dave Burton adds to our inspiration on Freeman Dyson

This was a very good comment, deserving of top tier presentation, in my opinion. 808 more words

Climate Change

NYT expands on the eggs cholesterol food nanny problems

I thought this was pretty good for an article written by from the belly of the junk science nanny beast. 24 more words

Researcher Misconduct

Shut the scientific whorehouses down--transparent science and peer review integrity

There is so much incest and conflicted peer review it is a disgrace. Money lubricated science produces claims that don’t replicate and violate scientific methods. 180 more words

Researcher Misconduct

Silicone junk science--plaintiff attorney scams

I have watched this despicable silicone thing for 30 years as a physician attorney-David Kessler is a creepy little pediatrician who was a major miscreant. 157 more words

Researcher Misconduct