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Alienware 13 R3: Powerful and pretty, if you don’t mind junk in the trunk

(Source: arstechnica.com)

It’s a good time to be in the market for a gaming laptop that doesn’t look stupid. Higher-powered laptops have begun to tick crucial checkboxes across the board, with smaller, super-powered GPUs landing in much less garish designs. 966 more words


The stuff, Day 17

My mom gave me her and dad’s old dish set years ago. Part of that growing up thing.

I don’t use them anymore, they’ve been wrapped up since I moved to Raleigh from the coast in 2012, so today I offered them up to my sisters. 48 more words


Guilt trip

We need this sometimes.
Personally I spend my life in a constant fog of guilt and self recrimination and beat myself up literally ALL the time. 304 more words

NZ17 - Day 24/30

Today was another laid-back day. Seriously, I need more days like these before reality catches up. Went to Takapuna Beach Holiday Park for a walk along the beach, climbed rocks and just enjoyed the sun. 190 more words


The stuff, Day 16

Digging in an old shoe box, I found a Ziploc bags of stuff that used to populate my refrigerator door.

Here are some magnets, mostly Family Guy ones, but a few assorted other ones. 37 more words


Day 14 - kinder surprise

It’s amazing how much junk that sits in a corner of a drawer or inside a cabinet, or on top of a shelf somewhere. I notice useless stuff everywhere that doesn’t fill any function whatsoever…why do we collect all this junk? 323 more words

Tisket, Tasket, Updated Basket

So, I was making my way across Wal Mart from the paint department (can’t beat the price on spray paint!) to the crafts department (hey, sometimes they have supplies cheaper than the craft stores), when I spied these chicken wire baskets. 163 more words