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"Don't you know who I am?"

The Speaker of the Australian parliament, Bronwyn Bishop, finds herself in more trouble over expenses claimed for charter helicopter flights, and other overseas expenses.

It now comes to light the Ms Bishop has chartered two helicopter flights to attend Liberal Party fundraisers, knowing full well that this is well outside the guidelines for tax-payer funded expenses. 297 more words


Paul Rudd Unnerves Reporter By 'Farting' Through An Entire Junket Interview

Ahead of the release of Ant-Man in a couple of weeks, Paul Rudd has commenced his press tour. In one of his early stops during the tour, Rudd unfortunately found himself in a junket interview on a leather chair that “farted” every time he moved. 41 more words


Zhuhai and Shenzhen: Part 1 of 3

It’s April, springtime, so that means junket time. Every year twice a year we have these large-scale seminar-slash-meetings that gather all of the partner schools participating in our program here at the Horrifyingly Egregious Crimes of Inhumane Education. 1,689 more words

Honey, I'm Home, or Swimming Pools, Movie Stars

I shouldn’t have been shaky about covering the junket for Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters 3D this past weekend.  I mean, while I may have taken public transportation to the  Four Seasons — the site of the junket — I’m not  exactly fresh off the bus.   663 more words


China Corruption Blitz Hits Macau Junkets

Laundering Money

Rotten gamblers, especially the whale bettors, could be mistaken for money laundering. This may be the assumption of Chinese President, Xi Jinpin. His crackdown on corrupt officials and tycoons is starting to drain China. 250 more words

Dirty Laundry: The Macau Connection

Macau is a major gambling center that falls under the classification of a Special Administrative Region of China.  The casino industry contributes almost three quarters of Macau’s government revenue and attracts a huge number of tourists and high-rollers from mainland China.  514 more words