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Top 10: Best Dads in Movies

Happy Father’s Day to the UK and USA readers!

In celebration of all the dads out there, here is a post about the best father characters on the big screen. 859 more words


Juno - What learned? -> No new ideas.

A (45 min.) youtube video of Steve Levin (SWRI) giving a talk on Juno ‘progress’ after 12 perijoves. He states that the measurements from every instrument have given unexpected (unexplained) results, but the Juno ‘team’ insistently uses the same old ‘gas giant’ hypothesis in which the mysteries cannot be explained. 564 more words


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Jovian blemish

mysterious formation

JunoCam target

© Ken Gierke 2018

Ken has a particular fondness for the mysteries of nature that can be unlocked in haiku. 38 more words


Historic buildings being demolished; London Convention Centre hopes to expand its location

Two historic buildings sitting at the heart of downtown London are being demolished after city council approved a $350,000 contract at the beginning of the year. 429 more words


Juno Goddess of Time

June is a glorious month!  Spring is officially present and encroaching upon sultry summer. June is the month of rebirth, of nature after a long, frozen winter. 485 more words


Jupiter's North Pole

New images of the planet Jupiter’s Atmosphere,  returned by the Juno spacecraft, have inspired me to create a new Celestial Tie and matching Celestial Scape… 40 more words