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Mountain Buggy Juno Review

I really wanted to like this carrier.

There are several lovely features to like about it… sleek simple design that appeals to men and women equally and looks great on a mannequin; magnetic chest strap which makes this strap much easier to do up and to release than chest straps on other similar carriers; and of course best of all the wonderful “cuddle pocket” – allows you to slip your hands into a soft jersey lined pocket and stroke your baby’s back. 834 more words

Why didn't the anti-CD19 CAR-T immunotherapies from Novartis or Kite suffer from neurotoxicity adverse events as the ones from Juno did?

Brief Background on Anti-CD19 CAR-T Immunotherapy

So far, CAR-T immunotherapy has been most successful against CD19-positive tumors such as Acute lymphoblastic leukemia – Wikipedia (specifically B-ALL). 1,386 more words


Jupiter Imaged

Meanwhile…three quarters of a billion kilometers away, the Juno space probe continues its exploration of the gas giant Jupiter.   The probes orbit brings it to within 4,200 kilometers (2500 miles) of the cloudtops once every 53 days.  114 more words

Gaycation (2016 - )

Il documentario Gaycation strutturato come una serie tv, vede come protagonisti l’attrice di Juno, Ellen Page e il suo migliore amico Ian Daniel in giro per il mondo per approfondire la cultura LGBT. 88 more words


Jupiter's Jiu Jitsu Belt

JunoCam has revealed an amazing feature of Jupiter’s atmosphere, easily visible now to the whole world, but unrecognized by planetary scientists, who have the very unscientific habit of deciding what the probes will reveal before they receive the first data. 885 more words



Headed to the cost to visit the D-Day beaches of Normandy 587 more words

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Hi! I forgot to finish writing the post I intended for tomorrow, and I forgot that I had nothing finished in time. Please allow this post as filler. 326 more words