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Thai police say they have found plot to assassinate PM

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

BANGKOK: Thai police said on Sunday (Mar 19) they had uncovered a plot to assassinate the country’s prime minister after seizing a weapons cache belonging to a fugitive anti-junta activist. 292 more words

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Book review – “The Memory Stones” by Caroline Brothers, published by Bloomsbury

BUENOS AIRES, 1976. Osvaldo Ferrero and his wife Yolanda escape the city’s heat with their daughters, Julieta and Graciela, who is madly in love. On their return, the military junta stages a coup, and Osvaldo is forced to flee. 325 more words

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Ferrer: ¿qué celebran?

El presidente del PPD , Héctor Ferrer, dijo que  “La Junta de Supervisión Fiscal aceptó parte del plan fiscal presentado por el gobernador Ricardo Rosselló y enseguida hay una celebración por parte de la administración como si hubiesen logrado un gran evento. 80 more words


Lea el Plan Fiscal del gobierno de PR

Pulse el enlace y acceda al Plan Fiscal del Gobierno de Puerto Rico que fue aprobado y certifcado por la Junta de Supervisión Fiscal (PROMESA). Puede dejar su opinión en esta misma nota en los comentarios. 7 more words


Estudiantes Universidad de PR acusan a la JSF desmantelar sistema educación

San Juan- El Consejo General de Estudiantes acusa a la Junta de Control Fiscal (JCF) de intentar desmantelar el sistema de educación superior público. Además, aseguran que el plan fiscal presentado por el gobernador Ricardo Rosselló no tuvo la intención de establecer una negociación, sino entregar en bandeja de plata la administración de Puerto Rico. 296 more words


The Power Struggle Behind Thailand's Battle With The Buddhist Monks


FEB. 26, 2017, 11:39 A.M. E.S.T.

BANGKOK — A stand-off between security forces and monks at Thailand’s biggest temple has exposed a struggle as much about power as religion in the predominantly Buddhist country, where the junta has shut down dissent since a 2014 coup. 842 more words

The Legacy Of Argentina's Military Junta

The mainstream media narrative about Argentina in the 1970s goes something like this: (1) Argentina was governed by a brutal, merciless military junta from 1976 to 1983; (2) the dictatorship conducted an unprovoked campaign of extermination against leftists that left tens of thousands dead; (3) the leftists were innocent students.  31 more words